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Here are testimonies that were hopeless, but then were healed and completely transformed! They are filled

with real life situations of people who have been in extreme abuse, problematic marriages, and many emotional scars that now enjoy life!


I am Nicole, 47 years old and married to Markus. I have been looking for true love all my life. As a child, I grew up in a very dysfunctional family. Nobody knew God. My mother was addicted to alcohol and she emotionally abused me in many ways and practiced a lot of psychological violence, manipulation and control. My father didn't care about me. He left me alone in the most difficult situations and neglected me. I never heard that he loved me. At the age of 17, I started to seek my fortune with men and fell from one affair to the next. Someone had to love me! I kept trying and slipped into depression. Who am I? Where do I belong? My goal back then was to make everyone like me. I started wearing masks and acting, hoping to please everyone. I suffered from severe back pain due to scoliosis. So much so that I often had to lie down during the day because I could no longer stand or sit due to the pain. I met my husband Markus when I was 20. And because he was so different from everyone else and I felt that he was genuinely interested in me as a person, I knew after a short time that I would marry him. 
As a young woman, I often thought about seeking psychological treatment to deal with the experiences of my childhood. I knew I was disturbed and somehow not normal. I was very timid, insecure and constantly looking for confirmation, recognition and love. I had a strong need for recognition coupled with self-hatred and rejection of myself. I couldn't cope with myself at all. But then Jesus found me and the story of salvation began. I was 24 years old at the time and was in the biggest crisis of my life. I had no one other than my husband, no friends and no family, as I had broken off contact with them. I was depressed and unhappily married and looking for meaning in life.

I wanted my husband to meet all of my needs. He was supposed to fill all my lack of love, be my admirer, my lover, my best friend, my encourager, everything. He was completely overwhelmed. God saved my marriage because I was about to elope with another man and get divorced because my husband couldn't give me what I was wanting . God is love and whoever remains in love remains in God and God in him. God revealed Himself to me and He alone has been satisfying this deep desire to be loved and to love ever since.

Through Greg and his ministry, real healing and deliverance came into my life, so that the word began to be fulfilled in my life “you shall love the Lord your God... and your neighbor... as yourself”. Never before and in no other place of Christian gatherings have I been able to experience the presence of God closer and with all my senses. Tremendous light, tremendous love and tremendous purity. Never before have I shed so many tears and never before have I laughed so much. In fact, it was only with Greg that I found true joy, and discovered the beauty of womanhood and just being Nicole. When I met Greg and Marie Violi and their ministry, I was living near Frankfurt. I knew and loved the Lord, but I was in a state of spiritual hunger and suffering. I wanted more of the love I had tasted. I wanted to see God and encounter Him anew. I heard about a Father's seminar in Nuremberg and that you could find the Father there. I considered going there. Something was burning inside me at the thought of it. God the Father pulled me so hard that I really caught fire, which I wasn't comfortable with at first and I got scared. What is all this hype about Greg Violi? What if he is a false teacher? Should I really go alone without a “spiritual guardian”? I went, which was a great miracle because I went alone with Jesus. Without human assistance to a strange place, to a strange church, to a strange speaker that I didn't even know. I was so hungry and had simply made a childlike agreement with Jesus that if he didn't show me on the first day of the seminar that he was there, I would leave immediately! But Jesus was there and I stayed the whole weekend. I devoured the Word of God through Greg’s mouth.

I will never forget my first encounter with Greg. I had never experienced anything like it. I saw Jesus in the eyes of Greg. I heard Jesus in the words Greg spoke. I felt Jesus all over my body! It was overwhelming. I knew in my spirit that I was in the right place, very close to the Father's heart. Here it is, pure love in person! And I was fed, watered, cleansed and filled by the anointing that Greg carries through God. The memory brings tears to my eyes again. After this encounter, I have never doubted that Greg is a true man of God. Oh it was so wonderful to be in the oasis after the long dry desert time. I will never forget this presence of God that Greg carries. When I looked into Greg's eyes, I saw pure love from Jesus. It was simply the eyes of Jesus and the eyes of my heavenly Father. It went so deep into my heart. They were eyes of flames of fire that burned into my heart, that touched me in a way that I can't even put into words what I saw and what my heart felt. I felt the Father‘s love coming into my innermost being . I know that in Greg's eyes I saw my Lord Jesus, my Savior, my Father. 
I went home from seminar and told my church that I had found the presence of God and was going to walk with it. That was 9 years ago now. Greg and his ministry saved me. I would have starved spiritually. Died in frustration. Broken by hard religion. Instead of collapsing, I've been thriving ever since. The truths go so deep inside me and set me free. Until today. I am so grateful to Greg and Marie. They show me God's love in word and deed and I see so much change since I have connected with them in the love of God. I have had back pain all my life because I bent over backwards to please people. It is all gone because Greg and Marie helped me come into my true self and live in my purpose. I had depressive moods and always felt sorry for myself. Now I know the true joy they both released in me. I had massive marital problems. Today I'm still married and things are getting better and better. Next year will be our 25th year of marriage and I am so thankful to God that He saved our marriage and has kept us together to this day!  Just recently my husband and I received a marriage blessing from Greg and Marie and we feel like newlyweds. Instead of extreme self-loathing, love now fills my heart because Greg and Marie have loved me for many years and faithfully invested in me. I was once driven to find true, pure love. Today I rest in it. I am no longer lonely and alone. I live as a daughter in God's family. With Greg and Marie, I have been given spiritual parents whom I value and love extremely much. For me, Greg and Marie are the most beautiful vessels for the pure love of God that I know and my greatest role model in following Christ.



My name is Tamara and I am 27 years old. When I was 16, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Unfortunately, I grew up under very bad conditions and I became very seriously mentally ill. At the age of 12 I was in the psychiatric ward for the first time and even after I became a Christian I had to go to the psychiatric ward again and again, I received more and more diagnoses and became sicker and sicker.
In the end I had five diagnoses, including depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder as well as an anxiety disorder, no one could help me and I was told I had to accept my mental health condition.
My Christian life was all about being a good Christian and doing things well, but I could never do that.
Three years ago I received the book “Finding Father, Finding Wholeness” by Greg Violi as a gift.
As I read the book, I was supernaturally healed of hatred of weakness and given hope that maybe there could be healing for me after all. That this God I believed in is not far away in heaven as an angry God but wants a relationship with me and loves me.
Afterwards I attended some conferences and meetings with Greg and his team. There is so much truth and reality in his teachings that I had a real encounter with the Father. I encountered true acceptance and love. I received admonition and real help for my need.
I understood that it's not about making things good and right on the outside, but that God is interested in my heart and what's going on in it.
I read many of Greg's books and especially the book "Depression and Introspection” was a wonderful revelation about the causes of depression and a help to escape this black hole I was stuck in. I had to read it several times and each time the darkness became lighter.
I'm still on a way of healing but I've realized that I don't actually have any symptoms of my mental illnesses anymore. I was finally able to complete my training after many failed attempts. Now I've been employed for a year for the first time and this was not possible before because I was not able to function with all of the different relationships in a company environment. 
I am so grateful to God that he leaned down to me in my darkness and had mercy on me. Now I know who I am in the Father. I am His daughter, fully loved and accepted and made righteous through His Son. I am filled with hope and expectant regarding the things the Father has in store for me in the future .

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Hello, my name is Kylie and I am excited about life!
This is a miracle, for as long as I can recall I always had this feeling of dread when thinking about the Future.
I knew the Lord, but it seemed that the deep innermost parts of me were linked to fear and anxiety.
So what changed? Well, how can I explain it? One can say it was a series of decisions I had to make by the grace of God. I believe the deepest most profound change is knowing my Father in Heaven. It is one thing to know about the Lord and to live the Christian life, but getting to know the Father has healed me from deep within.
My name is Kylie and I come from Malta and I grew up in a broken home surrounded by drugs, violence, and trauma and I never experienced love. Deep in me I longed to be loved, to feel safe, wanted, and desired. This led me down a path of seeking all sorts of things to satisfy but everything seemed to fall short. Whether it was my use of drugs, partying, promiscuity, and several relationships.
Eventually, I met the Lord and he saved me from many pits that I had fallen into in my life.  I was baptized and went to church, my life had radically changed. Over time, my focus was no longer Christ my one Eternal Saviour, now it had become all about what I could do for Christ. The ministry, the people, the serving. How is that deceiving one might ask? A simple truth. Christ is all.
After some years of being in ministry and sharing my testimony in several places around Europe and countless online + radio platforms, I messed up. BIG TIME. I thought well my whole life and all the work I did for the Lord was in vain. I sought counsel with a pastor I was under at the time. Unfortunately, the comfort, encouragement and guidance I desperately needed were not found. Instead, I was met with harsh, cold rebuke without love. The condemnation and the shame of forsaking your testimony for Christ had haunted me. During this time I met the man Greg Violi and his wife Marie in Germany.
I was a complete mess but I distinctly remember the first time I met them. He spoke to me about image, in a way I had never heard before. I had expected that he would speak about all my other OBVIOUS issues... 'The Lord wants us to lose our image' he said 'that He may reveal His image through us'. That lingered in my head for months. Slowly, I started to see the deception in my Christianity. The lie of living for Christ, serving for JESUS!
It had dawned on me that the purpose of life was not to be like Christ at all. But to live in the power of the Resurrection. Christ wanted to live his life through me! 'If you think you stand, take heed lest you fall' 1 Cor 10:12. That was exactly what happened to me. The pride of my own heart and my image had deceived me. I had exchanged the life of Christ for my good Christian ministry, efforts, and works!

Greg And Marie Violi's ministry changed me completely. Their love, patience & mercy brought me closer and closer to Truth. I of my own self can do nothing! 'In me, that is in my flesh dwells no good thing' Rom 7:18. These truths have changed me in a incredible way. He is strong in my weakness. The life that I now live I live by the Son of God! Christ in me the hope of Glory. They always pointed me to Christ.
The Iniquity: This was a fight. I remember Greg preaching about the iniquity in our bloodlines. Suddenly I could see it. The Narcissistic traits and patterns that I had inherited from my ancestors. My whole life was about self. ME. Nothing to do with the Kingdom, perhaps outwardly, but hidden deep within were many selfish motives and all sorts of wickedness. I knew I had to make a decision. To forsake all the gods and idols of my forefathers. The fear of God entered me, I saw the judgments I had made toward several people that had hurt me!
I thought that I am better than them and therefore, I made judgments. Wherever we judge others we are saying it was by my own goodness that I am not like that person. Thereby denying the grace of God in our lives. This was a complete new revelation for me.

I had always thought we are to judge as good Christians. I needed reality and the Grace of God to reveal to me my Pharisaic heart!
I remember when I had messed up again and wrote my spiritual father Greg. Can you pray for me? I asked. 'You do not need prayer you need truth', he replied. Oh boy was he right....
He continued to explain to me that millions of Christians never fell on the rock and had been crushed by it. 'If you do not fall on the rock when you come to Christ than your pride will continue to guide you and direct you.'
There is a danger I see in Christianity today. People come to Christ but they do not fall on the Rock! There is no Godly breaking, instead, they are put in ministry, made leaders and lifted up in pride. (See 'The Lamb's Heart, and 'The King's Holy Beauty') Many Christians do not deal with their deep hidden pride, then the enemy comes along and says you have to have prayer and deliverance. This was another amazing truth that blew my religious brain. Day by day, my Father in heaven gave me the strength to stand against the iniquity in my bloodline and to embrace the breaking of the Lord.
My Grace is sufficient for you for my power is made perfect in weakness.
How absolutely freeing it is to lay my weaknesses upon the Lord and let Him be strong through me! I have much to be thankful for, God's mercies pursued me and He is constantly leading me to Truth. I am a work in progress and a tremendous work of God. I am a miracle because of HIM. I truly love living and experiencing life each day!


Isabell and Tobias 

I am Isabell, 37 years old and I am now happily married and a mother of 3 wonderful children, which unfortunately wasn't the case before. Although I considered myself to be very religious and faithful and thought I was living according to the Bible, my relationship with my husband was at an end and we had great difficulties in dealing with our children.
Through a special encounter with God when I was 14 years old, my life had completely changed and taken on a new meaning. Even as a child, I felt a great emptiness inside me and was emotionally very much on my own. At the age of 12 I stopped eating, and then God met me without me looking for him and took away all fear. This reality of God's existence and his presence were tremendous. From then on, I started going to churches and I looked for answers and also for community. Then I lost a lot of the joy of just knowing and experiencing God. 
As Christians my husband and I read the Bible, had all kinds of ministries had pastoral care, exchanged ideas and always attended church services. But, over time, religious attitudes and a completely false image of God developed into deep rejection, hatred and control. When our church community broke up, we got help from Pastor Greg Violi and his team. His teaching is simple and above all it includes forgiveness, humility and truth in love. You can ask any question, you are valued and everything changes. The simple prayer of forgiveness saved our marriage in seconds. All the pain of separation was completely gone and we were able to start again. We received a mother and father’s blessing and these released and healed deep wounds that I never thought I could overcome. Our children were freed from asthma, neurodermatitis and deep emotional blockages. We were able to start enjoying life as a family and rediscover it every day. Today, our life as a family is full of love, excitement and expectation. We are so thankful for all that God has done !!



I remember as a child always feeling lost. I didn’t know where I belonged. Some of the first memories I had as a little girl was being sexually abused by my grandfather and in my family we never talked about anything or knew how to work through anything, instead, it was you’re being too sensitive, you need to get over it and then you put a smile on your face. This kind of upbringing was so fake and brought so much confusion, rebellion, and anger into my life. I was filled with so much self-hatred that I would do anything to find something to make me feel good. Right after high school I was in a terrible accident that nearly killed me, they shaved my head and I was left with scars on my face. I already hated myself so much at this point, so now after this accident; I did not care and I was done. So at this point I went deeply into drug addiction. I did not care if I lived or died. I was put into different situations that when I look back I know it is a miracle that I survived. While living in that life, I remember thinking there has to be a light at the end of the tunnel, I just had no idea how to find it. 
Then it all changed when the real Father revealed himself through Greg Violi and people in his ministry. The first time I heard Greg speak, he shared how the Father already knows everything about you and still loves you deeply, He is just waiting for you to come into truth. This did something to me, being raised in a lutheran church and having no idea who the real Father is, I always thought God hates me and he is upset with me or is disappointed with me and so because of that I created this wall of hate and anger towards him. Now hearing someone say out loud everything I was trying to hide, was the breaking point. I needed to know the real Father and I repented for this hate and that was the first time in my life where I really met Him. He is nothing like I ever would’ve imagined him to be. I found him to be full of love, truth and acceptance. The Lord then brought more people into my life, people that walked in the same truth, with no hidden motives, and this fulfilled this hole inside of me where I was always longing for a family, a family who is on your side, that reminds you that you aren’t alone. It was the first time in my life where I felt safe and covered. The Father restored my life and took away all the guilt and shame I lived under and replaced it with hope, purpose, and joy. I know my life will never be the same.



I first came across the name Greg Violi on a book recommended to us by our Pastor. The title of the book is: "The King’s Holy Beauty .On the back it says that Greg Violi gives us a deep insight into the innermost heart of God. At the recommendation of a sister, I began listening to sermons by Greg Violi that could be found online. I felt alone at this point, full of inner pain and unable to talk honestly to anyone. I was trapped by the fear that I would hurt or destroy someone with my words and my condition and saw myself as the cause of many problems for others. I was full of guilt, condemnation and shame and I felt like I was just a burden and someone who should always stay away from people. I was also very religious and I always had a friendly smile, a sweet voice and so that's how I functioned in life; by always appearing that everything was fine! I had actually forgotten how to make small, simple decisions in everyday life.  Underneath I was indescribably angry, hatful and hopeless and I felt that my situation could not change. In short: I wanted to get away. To just run away and to not ever have to face any of my real problems in life. I wanted to move and now I realize that I was looking for answers. and I knew that  I needed to make a change. I remember when I started listening to some of Greg Violi's sermons, I thought: there's someone talking about my life. And although I couldn't understand a lot of things, I noticed that he used words like our inner state, the heart, pride and hatred, pain, being trapped, religion and much more that I would never have dared to say.  And a lot of it had a firm hold on me. From that point on, Greg Violi became a forerunner for me, blazing a path for me to pursue. Because he spoke the truth 100% regardless of people's reactions. I first met him in Jerusalem at a private meeting among Christians and didn't know who he was.  He didn't say a word the whole evening, letting everyone else talk.  It was only at the end of the evening that I found out his name and was surprised at his quietness. Although he wasn't there as a speaker, I expected a preacher "like him" to take the floor.  He didn't do that. At the end of the evening, Greg invited me to get to know the church near Bielefeld where he was the pastor.  I did that and after a short time it became clear that this was the place and the home I had been looking for a long time. I had arrived and got to know God the Father.  In my religious attitudes, I continued to try to carve out a place for myself by being nice and acting nice.  Greg never accepted or acknowledged an inch of it as being good and that set me free. The loneliness and pain from back then are no longer there. I am no longer hopeless and have become free from what was tormenting me.  Together we learn to be family and Greg has never stopped saying: IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE!". For me, Greg Violi is a forerunner who, together with his wife Marie and his family, lays down their lives so that others can follow the path  to Father God. Jesus is the way to the Father he said. (John 14:6) When we allow Jesus to reveal the Father to each of us, we will become whole and healthy people and we will enter into healthy relationships. Greg Violi has helped me to become whole in many areas. He is a man of God and a spiritual father to many and to me and he never gave up. His constant fight is to make the kingdom of God visible on earth like Jesus taught us to pray in the Our Father prayer. He speaks constantly the truth, no matter who or what opposition he encounters. I am thankful that he has chosen to be a vessel  through which God  touches people and gives answers and restores lives. 
A daughter, Kerstin



My spiritual father Greg Violi saved my life. I do not know where I would be today if it wasn’t for him. I could be dead, in prison or at least live in hell on earth.What do I mean by that? Here’s an example: In 2009 I attended the first seminar with Papa Greg at the church I attended back then. After one of the first meetings he prayed for me. The deep bitterness, hatred and murder in my heart came out with an extremely loud scream. It was so loud, it could be heard through the stone walls of the church building on the other side of the street. What would have become of me within five years with those evil things working inside of me?

But being set free, my life started to change immediately. For example, I had always been afraid in the dark. I was feeling that someone followed me, although no one was there. After the prayer I never had that again.

My wife and I would fight very often. During those fights I always had strong violent emotions that I had no control over. I never assaulted her physically (I was a very inward person at that time). But today I am sure that it was only a matter of time. If I would not have harmed or killed her, I would have continued to live as a hypocrite in hell on earth. After the prayer those feelings had lost their power over me and I had a new love for my wife and a new joy in life.

Since that time, the Lord did many more miracles through my beloved father in Christ. He set me free from extreme bondage, pain, fears and much more. A father’s blessing changed the course of my life forever. Papa Greg Violi prayed for me about misogyny and I was set completely free. This freedom from misogyny has had many radical changes in me and my marriage and my relationship to my children. Lastly, my spiritual father knows and I know, that he was just a vessel, but the one that did all of the work through him was the Holy Spirit! Today my wife and I are living a happy, exciting and peaceful life with our three children. Greg’s kindness, self denial and passion continues to bless me and many others every single day. Thanks to him I’m learning what life is all about and I’m experiencing what it means to go from glory to glory (2. Cor. 2, 18).



 Hello, my name is Laura and I am 28 years old. I am a happy wife and mother of two little children and I truly enjoy life. But it has not always been like this. I grew up in religion and didn't feel wanted or loved, especially by my father. I always felt unsafe and even as a little child I was tormented by a lot of fears. I would always think about all the ways things in my future could go wrong, how I could get cancer or my parents could die in a car accident... when I was a teenager I had trouble sleeping, my mind was so diseased that I could not discern lying spirits from the voice of God. Every night at a certain point I was convinced that this will be my last night and that this very night God chose to take me to him. I was terrified, lying in my bed paralyzed by fear just waiting for the morning sun to arise. Whenever the sun came up the voices got more quiet so sometimes I just remained in bed in the morning before I had to go to school. I had received many lies , so I gave the devil a right to come inside of my mind . I felt hopeless and depressed and I told God if nothing will change I feel like I will die of this fear. But my God saw me crying and he spoke to me "you shall live!" My whole life changed when I met Greg and Marie Violi. They were the first people in my life to show me the love of God the father and that he was not this monster that just wanted me dead like I subconsciously believed, but that he had wonderful thoughts about me and many beautiful plans for my future. My mind and heart got healed as I received more and more truth and experienced God’s presence and the substance of pure love many times. I read the book "Introspection and Depression" a lot of times and I encounterd God everytime I read it. It was like everytime I read it a piece of my heart was mended and the healing went deeper inside of me.If it had not been for Greg and Marie, I don't know if I would be alive today. Instead of the fear of death and sickness , there is now a deep trust that the hand of my heavenly father wants to protect me and comfort me and not cause me any harm. I am now filled with joy every day, I live a life I could never have dreamed of. I have a beautiful family, my dream job and I have the great privilege of being a part of an amazing and unique move of God. I have no words to say thanks to God and to Papa Greg who laid down his life to be a vessel for God so that I could be totally feels like what the Bible calls being in a dream( Psalm 126). This is one dream that I do not want to ever wake up from! I love my life and my life is like living in a fairy tale, but it’s real! Thank You father God for all that you have done for me!


Jakob and Laura 

The wonderful works of God.

Our names are Jacob and Laura and we have four sons.

Laura: My father was an atheist and my mother came to faith late in life. I came to Germany from Armenia at the age of 13. My parents went through a divorce and we went to a strict religious community. I always had to go to church with my mom and I was not allowed to make my own decisions .and my mother controlled and manipulated me a lot. One prohibition and restriction after another and so we were not allowed to do hardly anything. A lot of emphasis was placed on external things and our heart attitudes were never considered important . Whenever I didn't attend church, I would hear the phrase "Everyone was there but you". At home, emphasis was always placed on our reputation( how others saw us).I have three sisters and that was no joy for my father because he only wanted sons. That made me want to be a boy rather than a girl. Also because I experienced that boys were allowed to do more things and we girls had to abide by more rules and prohibitions. Today I know that my father was full of hatred for women and that this also manifested itself in the way that he would beat my mother.
I met Jacob when I was 20 years old. In the meantime, I had already been baptized in the religious community and was therefore considered a member. Jacob was also required to be baptized. 

Jakob: I grew up with 7 sisters and three brothers in a Christian home. At home I experienced an angry , irritable father who often frightened us children by shouting and hitting us. We never knew what to expect when he came home from work. I had no relationship with my father. On the outside we looked like we were a model family, but at home we didn't experience any love. My mom worked a lot and was rarely home, trying to keep our family together. She often came between my father and us children. She was a very oppressed woman. I grew up in Russia and came to Germany when I was nine. Nevertheless, I grew up differently from my sisters, because I was the first son born after five sisters. I enjoyed many advantages and was the only child to have my own bicycle, which meant a lot in Russia.
Laura: During the wedding ceremony, my veil was taken off and replaced with a headscarf. We were also not allowed to dance at our wedding and many more religious rules in which we had to obey. From the outside we looked like a model Christian couple, but I was very jealous, full of control, hatred, envy, fear, self-hatred and self-pity. We were inseparable for the first few years, cooking together and doing many more things together. After a certain point, we became more and more distant and didn't have much to say to each other. My husband wasn't allowed to do any sport and was always supposed to be at home with me. In our marriage, I never experienced my husband hitting me, but I always felt like the guilty one. Jacob gave me gifts, but I could still feel this hatred of women through him. What made our situation even worse was that I was filled with hatred of men because I believed every man was just like my father. I always thought I had to change my husband and so I always tried to change him. Things kept getting worse and so I wanted to get divorced and saw no hope in our marriage.
Jakob and Laura : Our children suffered from our religious upbringing, because it mostly focused on behavior and not on the person or their heart. For example, we forbade them to go to sports clubs. We were very insensitive to each other in our family and it got to the point where our children started to hate each other. The atmosphere at home was very tense due to control, stress, pressure, manipulation and religiosity. It wasn't until we came to Greg Violi's church and we saw that we needed a change of heart that things began to change for the better.
By God's great grace we came out of the religious community and we met our current spiritual parents Greg and Marie. Through his messages, revelations, books like "Depression and Introspection", "Secrets of a Fantastic Marriage" and "The Heart of the Lamb", our lives were changed for the better. We saw more and more that we were not loving parents. We saw how many fears we actually carried within us.
Today we can say that Greg Violi's ministry has changed our whole lives. Little by little, God began to heal us in many areas and we learned to humble ourselves before each other and our children. God healed our marriage and our relationship with our children got better and better. The Lord is still working on us and our children. 

Laura: I saw the judgments I had towards my husband and all the negative thoughts and words. I was very shocked by this and repented. Because these judgments caused Jacob to distance himself from me.

Jakob: One of the biggest key points for me was when Greg Violi asked us men for forgiveness at a meeting, that he had judged the men for hating women. This released a block in me and I was suddenly able to receive the messages and revelations about misogyny and hatred of weakness. I had never experienced a pastor humbling himself in front of people before and this time it affected me as a man and this impacted me greatly. Shortly after that we had a men's conference where I saw what misogyny is all about and what was really inside of me. I was also freed from a spirit of rage. I realized that when I get home we need to have a meeting as a family right away. I asked my wife and sons for forgiveness for all hatred of women and hatred of weakness and washed the feet of my family.
Laura: As soon as Jakob came back from the conference, I could feel that the atmosphere had changed. For the first time, our children didn't want to leave the room immediately after a meeting as a family, but remained sitting quietly. They were very touched by the fact that Jakob washed our feet. From this point on, the boys began to love each other again and spend time with each other again. One of my sons also asked me for forgiveness. From then on, the sons came to me of their own accord and asked for prayer. We are now learning to share our hearts with each other and talk about the things that really move us. 

Jacob and Laura: Since hearing the pure word of God and the truth through Greg Violi, we have received a lot of deliverance and healing. We feel very loved, honored and covered. We are really thankful for them and appreciate them laying down their lives for the Kingdom.

Laura: I was also freed from the curse, shame and heaviness that came from wearing a headscarf. I got my beauty, honor, creativity and glory back. I love being a woman and I love wearing clothes. I have become more sensitive, I have compassion for other people and see them through different eyes. I have been freed from many fears and father and mother wounds have been healed.
Jacob and Laura: We are no longer the same and go from glory to glory and love each other more than before. All glory belongs to the Lord. Our lives are totally different today and we are still changing every week and we look forward to  all that the future holds for us.



Before Greg Violi came into my life I had been a Christian for quite some years regularly going to church, to conferences and reading my bible. Since I did not grow up with my earthly father and also did not know God as my father I was always living under tons of religious pressure trying to prove myself worthy. When I met Greg my life was at the end. At this point I had so many physical and mental problems that I could not handle life anymore. I had to stop going to university, move back to my parents home and could by myself only walk 5 minutes alone. I had no hope. At a conference Greg gave me a fathers blessing which turned my whole life around. From that moment I know I was loved and accepted just for who I was; Philipp. There was no question in my life about that anymore. A whole new life started that full of joy and excitement. Through listening to many of Greg’s messages over the last years and reading his books I was set free of many different things and received a lot of healing. Today I am married and enjoy being a father to my little son. I finished my university, have a good job with many responsibilities and love doing sports. Never in my furthest dreams would I have imagined that all of this could happen.I am Phillip - a strong joyful father and husband and I love living !



I would like to share two main things that God did in my life. The first: how God, the Father, healed me. I grew up in a religious culture. I was in bondage to an eating disorder for many years. I had no hope for the future. I was looking for a church but didn’t find one. The first weekend after having spent weeks in the clinic, I joined the Sunday meeting with Pastor Greg. After having received a Father’s Blessing, I was healed from self-hatred and the bondage of an eating disorder. I know that this is an absolute miracle from God! Now I am filled with hope and joy; and my dreams for the future are back to life again! “A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, is GOD in His holy habitation. GOD sets the solitary in families; HE brings out those who are bound into prosperity; But the rebellious dwell in a dry land. (Ps. 68:5-6)” Through God’s grace and love, I was able to experience exactly what this verse is saying!

And the second: how God, the Father, rewarded me after having made a choice. I grew up being afraid of my dad. I moved away from home when I was 25 years old. Then after not having been in contact with him for 2 years, he came to visit me. Just before that, Pastor Greg had a message on how to deal with fear…the answer is simple: make a choice against it. So then, before meeting my dad, I told myself: “I am not afraid of dad.” My dad had shared his heart with me like never before. He also humbled himself and asked me for forgiveness. This is something that I didn’t imagine would happen. He also said that he loves me. In that moment there was so much in my heart that just melted away. I could look into his eyes and say: I forgive you! Then he took me into his arms and hugged me tighter than ever before and I was able to just lean on his shoulder! I felt so safe and loved during that moment. If my earthly father can love me in such a way, how much more my Heavenly Father because HE IS LOVE?!Another major deliverance that happened in my life was at a conference with Pastor Greg Violi being the speaker. I have heard him speak about religious demons before but during this conference my spirit knew exactly that it was religious demons that were trying to block me from grasping the truth. Usually while listening to the pure Word of God, there were so many thoughts that crossed my mind putting in question all that was being said. This kept my mind occupied, distracted and not available to just receive the Word. During this conference, once my spirit knew that it was religious spirits, I was desperate to be delivered from them. By God’s grace only, I know that after a prayer of a man of God, I have been delivered from religious demons! I was so relieved after Father God delivered me from these demons. To me it was as if a veil was lifted off of my eyes and I could now see much clearer. I am now able to just receive and grasp the Word of Truth at a much higher level than before!



I grew up in a large, very strict religious family. Although we went to church every Sunday, our home was filled with a lot of fear, violence and hatred. God was a very unapproachable Being that you always tried to live up to, but it was never good enough for Him.

I noticed the hypocrisy in my home early on and, much to the displeasure of my parents, changed to another church at the age of 15. Here I was baptized and I met my husband.

A weekend with some married couples changed everything in my life. On the last evening, one of the men in our group had the idea of listening to a sermon together. I was not very enthusiastic, but I agreed. The speaker was Greg Violi and he talked about pride and humility. (The King's Holy Beauty and The Lamb's Heart) The sermon was unlike any sermon I have ever heard. It's hard to describe, but I could suddenly see my life and my actions, and the thing that really scared me were my hidden motives, which I could see with such clarity for the very first time. Everything I had done until then was driven by an attitude of pride. At the same time, I saw the abnormality of this attitude and a great conviction made me cry out to God from the bottom of my heart and ask Him to save me from this evil heart of pride. 

This experience was so drastic that I could no longer go to my old church. Instead, we met with several couples to pray together.

When we learned that this person named Greg Violi was in Germany, we went to a conference with him speaking. One evening he gave me the Father's Blessing. When he asked me what came to my mind when I thought about my father, all I saw was a huge fear of death, and so he prayed and all I could do was cry, cry and cry.

Although my childhood was full of trauma, fear and darkness, I did not realize that my childhood experiences would have a major impact on my future life.

Now, the healing process began in which I had to deal with the demons that came in through trauma and emotional abuse of my past.

I had a dep insecurity and fear throughout my entire being due to not one time being affirmed as a child. When I started my apprenticeship for teaching, the necessary daily assessment overwhelmed me. At the same time, my sister-in-law fell ill with terminal cancer, causing additional anxiety and memories of my grandmother's agonizing death from cancer, which I had witnessed as a child. 

In this situation, I experienced a breakdown and light was too bright for me, all sounds were too loud, and my body reacted with uncontrollable shaking. I was in a similar state to my older sister who had suffered a nervous breakdown a few years earlier and abandoned her child. There was one major difference between my sister and I:

I had heard of a hope, and a God who is real and wants to help me.

I cried out to God and he answered me: I read John 10:10 "The thief comes only to steal, to kill and to destroy. I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly." I understood that it was not God's will for me to suffer from depression, but rather to live a happy, healthy, successful life. 

I realized that God wants to heal me and that the distant and angry God of my childhood, is not the real God. I listened to the sermons of Greg Violi and a process of mind renewal took place: especially concerning who God is. This kind, caring father God helped me to finish my training. Some verses that accompanied me during this time and were often in Greg Violi’s sermons are: Matth. 23:12 "But he who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted" and Matt 11:29 "Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am meek and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls." I needed exactly this rest in my soul and at the same time I saw very often an attitude of pride in my heart. But I experienced the faithfulness of God and He did exactly what He said He would do and so I experienced complete victory over depression, anxiety and oppression.

Over the next few years, I was able to experience deliverance in many areas of my life and the Word that says, “Jesus came to give us abundant life” (John 10:10) began to manifest in my life.

Changes that have taken place in me:

I judged and hated my father for his quick harsh temper and then my judgments toward my father caused me to do the same things to my children. I could not enjoy being a mother and I quickly felt overwhelmed with motherhood. I was able to forgive my father and mother from my heart and then I experienced the release of all bitterness, hatred and anger. 

In our marriage, our unforgiveness and hate turned to forgiveness, kindness and love. We have compassion, love and we enjoy being together now at a deep level.

Today, I am a happy wife and mother of 4 children. I work full time in my teaching profession and have great joy in teaching. Although I am very busy, in my time with my husband, there is great joy without all of the tension and stress of the past.

I no longer see my children as an additional burden, but as real gifts from God and I enjoy them every day.

I don't want to imagine where I would have been if I had not met this God who is real and is exactly what He declares himself to be in his word.

complete victory over depression, anxiety and oppression


I grew up in a family that was full of violence, fear and much negativity. As a little girl, I quickly took the role of a protector for my mom, because my father was always violent towards her in words and physically. So I grew up in Romania with tremendous deep hidden fears  and much insecurity. When I got married, I brought my insecurities and fears into my relationship with my husband. After my second child, 
I was mentally and physically exhausted and so one day I found myself in a intensive care unit in a hospital. After many examinations they found nothing wrong with me. 

During this time I could hardly move, and hardly walk and I laid completely powerless most of the day. It was as if I was drifting away without any hope.
I learned about Greg Violi around 2011 and started watching his videos, but it was not until 2014 that things starting making sense regarding his messages. I had no idea what a chaotic state I was in. I lost a Baby in 2016 and I had to fight depression and then in 2017
everything  started to change and my husband started to receive the truth from Greg Violi . Now Healing and restoration began to take place within both of us. 

Now in 2023 I can say that the Father has freed me from many bonds. This little girl that used to be full of the fear of death has become a woman who is open and loves to be there for others. I am talkative which was unthinkable before. This intimidated introverted girl no longer exists, but instead she is a real woman of God that reveals Christ! The greatest thing took place a month ago when my husband found a complete freedom from misogyny! When he was being set free from misogyny, this serpent like weight of oppression left me totally! 
I could now breathe in a normal way and I felt for the first time in my life that I was a really special person!! It was so powerful that I just cried and cried. I was so overwhelmed by this deep inner feeling that all that I could do was to cry!! I just tightly embraced my husband and could not let him go! I felt like the most special person in the whole universe. In my mind I saw myself as a queen walking next to my husband, the king! It was all so dignified and we were both royalty! Today, everything in my life is different and I am filled with gratitude to my Heavenly Father! My husband is a completely changed man and I never thought I could experience such love coming from a man! 

There could be so much more to write , but I am simply filled with a grateful heart and give all of the glory to the King of kings  himself! Thank you Papa Greg for all these years you have given your life as a vessel. No words can express how much I appreciate you.



This is my testimony of my father wounds and the healing.
When I was 8 years old, my parents separated and my father left. The burden of the household fell on my shoulders and I was only a boy. I grew up thinking that my life was normal. But I didn’t realise that as I grew older I became more and more independent. I also didn’t realise that I was looking for a father figure, validation and identity and I was seeking that from a lot of male counterparts. Some were even the same age as me. All of this combined affected my choices that I made day to day. Now I know that deep down I was seeking Father God. 
I made mistakes, I had successes also but it didn’t last long before the mistakes became chaos or the success became a failure.
Then one day I came to THAT crossroad, I didn’t know where I was supposed to be, who I was or what my purpose was, or what was the point of my life.  
It was then I began to answer Father God’s call. I began to seek Him. I got a bible and I wanted to know more. Then through friends and my new wife, I met Greg Violi and we had a one to one time of sharing. I asked myself, what did I have to talk about? One question from Greg put me on the path to the healing my deep  father wound: What was my childhood like? I had no memory of my childhood years. And that revealed a lot of deep hidden anger, trauma and pain. As a child I had buried my emotions deep down. Greg told me not to think about it , but instead allow Father God to bring it into the open and when He does, let it come out so I could experience the pain and then let it go. It would be painful but once I let it out, it would be gone.  About 12 months later I had my first experience and it was painful and I cried a-lot from deep down. I didn’t want to let it go because I saw it as a weakness and to be honest I was scared. But through all that, I chose to cry. 
As time went on, the experiences became more and so I just continued to let the pain go. Sometimes I was taken back to the actual time it happened and I could see me and my dad and how much I didn’t want him to leave. 
Then a few years later we moved to Germany and I got a lot of deliverance concerning my father wound. I faced how I wanted a father figure to help and guide me and was always disappointed when the men turned away. I faced how I saw Father God. I always saw Him as another person who would walk away so my relationship with Him was delicate. I thought if I mess up; that’s it, He wouldn’t want to know me, I expected Him to turn away at any time. But Greg taught on how the Father really is; loving, kind, patient, faithful, full of mercy and how He gives us grace when we mess up. 
Then I began to see how my independence was keeping me away from God and others, and how the choices I had made were wrong, how my daily life was full of struggles because I didn’t know what to do and relying on my past experiences never really worked. 
Now I know that I am weak, I can’t do anything of myself and expect to get it right. Many areas of my life have changed. My decision-making is that God is first, if I have problems I go to Him. I used to overthink everything, and introspection, is something else Greg taught about and now instead I think of God first. Something precious Greg told me one day was: It’s not IT, it’s HIM. And I remember that often. Now my life has more peace, a lot of joy and I see the blessings of God everywhere from marriage, health, finances, at home, work and everyday life. He is first in my day, He is the essence of my day and He is the last part of my day. 
A perfect Father who loves us so much and wants to bless us as His children. I am healed of Father wounds! Thank You Lord!



Since I grew up I remember feeling extremely wrong. The way I am, my nature and character that it is not acceptable to those around me. I had extreme deep seated self hatred and anger. Early on I had locked up my feelings with an oath to never show myself weak. I functioned and that was all. It had nothing to do with living or enjoying or loving. I was internally very driven, constantly under stress, under pressure to make everything perfect and had to be in control of everything. I had extremely negative thoughts and feelings about myself. And I didn't even realize that I was full of criticism toward myself and others. I had black skin cancer at a very young age and a very long list of illnesses including fibromyalgia, Hashimoto disease, multiple chemical sensitivity and extreme acne. I also had a lot of shame in me and when it came over me I didn't know what to do with myself because I saw myself so very loathsome. When I got married I also had real outbursts of anger quite often. I became very hopeless about my condition because I couldn't find a solution and so I thought this must now be my life. Outwardly, our marriage seemed perfect and we also had really beautiful moments but the condition started to worsen and worsen. Today we know that if God had not intervened at that time, we would have ended up in an absolute catastrophe. My brother once gave us the marriage book by Greg Violi. (A Fantastic Marriage) I started reading it and I suddenly realized it was the very first book where I felt here are real solutions and it deals with the problems at the root. A key moment for me was when I read the revelation about judging. It blew my mind. I had never heard anyone teach about it before and everything in that book gave me so much hope and life. We started to come to all the meetings regularly and that was so important and helpful. We tell ourselves now that it was one of the best decisions we ever made in our lives. We started a deep healing process that goes on all of the time. Just being in the meetings, hearing and receiving the truth, began to make our hearts whole. Our marriage is radically changed today, our children have also radically changed. Our lives are becoming more and more beautiful since then. Just being in the Presence of God and experiencing the substance of love has been life changing. We live a completely wonderful life, full of joy, pleasure and adventure. All the diseases disappeared from my life. There was no specific point of physical healing, but being in the presence of true love changed me. The light removed the darkness, the death and the bondages in which I was bound. I have begun to live and enjoy life consciously, living in the present moment and loving myself like never before. And I am coming more and more into peace, the lies about me have been replaced with truth. I love life and I love and enjoy my husband and our family. 

In the book,  "The Disguised Murderer, Mysogyny in the Church",  there are more details to read about our marriage and the wonderful changes.



My Name is Daniel and growing up, I had nothing to do with God. I knew deep down inside that my life was just a wasted life with no purpose and no meaning. I would always question what happens when I die.
So I had terror inside of me and I was always longing for peace and rest. Then in 2015 I was invited to an encounter conference and shortly before this, the Lord started revealing himself to me.

So I went to the conference and I knew that Greg Violi would speak and one of the first things he was sharing was that he was looking for peace and that caught my attention. He went on and spoke about the Father as God and in that moment something in me broke open and tears just came flowing out.

I had not cried for years before this and it was suddenly like in that moment I came alive and life was suddenly something totally different. Since that day many years have gone by and I experienced so many changes because of my spiritual father Greg Violi. Through him I got to know the real life of a follower of Christ and having an attitude that reveals the kingdom of God especially at my work place.

In the past, the work place was a very bad place for me and I could not enjoy my job. In my 32 years I have had more than over 9 jobs and I was very unstable and a horrible worker. But God through Greg Violi changed my life forever and because of that tremendous miracle that took place I have great favor and a very good reputation at my workplace. There are so many things that I could share that happen because of the obedience of my spiritual Father Greg Violi. He is a real man of God and an amazing example of how true worship looks like.

Good Work Ethics. Gute Arbeitsmoral und Motivation für die Arbeit


I grew up in a religious family where my father ruled the family and I was in fear and terror. All the violence traumatized me and many religious rules and restrictions did not allow me to even breathe and I was living in a spiritual prison house. I ran away to Berlin when I was 16 and because I was not able to make choices, especially to say no, I quickly fell into sin and I started to sink deeply into darkness. My life was dominated with deep hopelessness, despair and I started to live a double life. I didn't want to have anything to do with God, Christians were only hypocrites for me and so I had many judgments on Christianity as a whole. When I came to the Lord many years later, healing and restoration was still a long way off. I had severe trauma, pain and rejection and it was deeply buried on the inside of my mind and emotions. I actually thought my life was a normal life, instead of one filled with self-hatred, pain, anger and self-rejection. I had no connection to myself, I was split off from my true self and many times, I was disassociated and so all of the pain and emotional trauma was still there, but hidden. I got caught up  in recurring cycles of high and lows and my highs were really high and my lows were really low. I spent a lot of time being depressed and isolated from others. I  watched movies ate junk food and lived in a different world. As a Christian, I led a totally independent and selfish life where I learned that I could only rely on myself to survive. There was a lot of shame and self-hatred inside of me. I was very obsessive-compulsive with a lot of fear in my life. Nobody could help me.
When I first came in contact with the ministry of Greg Violi, for a long time, I couldn't receive anything because I was completely blocked and full of self and pride. When this began to change, very  much truth, light and joy came into my life. By the grace of God, many things have gradually fallen off me. Ever since I received a father and mother’s blessing, my life is going from glory to glory. The self-destructive cycles are completely gone. I receive more and more healing and am being set free of trauma, pain, fear and shame. I am so grateful for the ministry of Greg Violi and the body of Christ that are  walking in the pure love of God. Without Greg’s ministry and the substance of love, I can’t imagine where I would be today.



My name is Jana and I grew up in a Christian family with a lot of control and religion. At home there was a lot of fear, tension, strife and hatred.
I started hating myself and my body at a young age. The first conscious negative thoughts that remember about my body were when I was in kindergarten. On the outside, our family looked great and although I had good grades and lots of friends, I was lonely on the inside. When I was 11 years old, I wanted to take my own life for the first time. In that time, the negative thoughts about my body became more and I wanted to lose more and more weight. When I was 15 years old I had to go to a clinic because the eating disorder had progressed so much that I could no longer live at home. The doctors told me that I would never get better and that I had to learn to live with anorexia. There was no hope for me and no therapy was working. I just got through the day on various neuroleptics and antidepressants and I was tormented by anxiety, hate and post-traumatic stress disorder. When I was 16 years old I almost died from anorexia. At that time I saw a testimony of a girl named Johanna who had experienced much healing under the ministry of Greg Violi and I was filled with hope that there is also healing for me.

I then met with Papa Greg and that day after prayer, I became free of a victim spirit. It was literally like I was a bird flying out of a cage. My voice changed immediately, my way of thinking and walking and dressing all changed and the doctors were amazed. A month later I was released from the hospital.
Through the truth that Papa Greg speaks, I became free of much pain, bondages and lies. I came out of a dream world into reality. Week after week I was washed clean by the pure word of God that he teaches.

Another thing I became free from was ungodly soul ties to my parents. I constantly heard their voices in my head, needed them for every decision, and even though I got  married, I went to see them almost every day and didn't even know why. The day this ungodly soul tie bond was broken, the desire to constantly be with them disappeared immediately and now I could think my own thoughts for the first time. It changed my life and our marriage.

My life today is not comparable to the past! I am free from anorexia, I love myself and I love my body. My organs are healed, which were not functioning properly due to malnutrition. I no longer need pills, no longer have insomnia, no panic attacks, depression or painful flashbacks from the abuse of my past. I am a beautiful wife and I am on my way to become a tax accountant. I love life and week by week life gets more beautiful. I have come to know God as a Father and I know that my God is alive and He is not just a story from the Bible. I experience God in reality and am no longer stuck in religion.

Hate and bitterness became love and control became freedom. My life is fun, exciting and amazing! I am very thankful for all that God has done for me!

Free from Anorexia, and enjoying life. Frei von Magersucht, und das Leben genießen.
Jana_Jetzt 2.jpg

Pastor Chris

My testimony of how God used Greg Violi to bring complete restoration to me. I came to know Greg many years ago. We maintained our friendship over the years. It was in 2014 that I had experienced marital failure which eventually led to hopelessness, despair, and depression.
I was the contributing factor to this position I found myself in. Thus, I became the target of verbal, mental, and psychological abuse from friends, family, and ministry associates. I was abandoned, rejected, and disowned by my family. I was in a terrible place and a dark pit. It was here that Satan spoke into my ear saying, "why not end it all, there is no reason to live anymore, you are finished, it's all over," in the middle of all this madness, frustration, and confusion, I miraculously received a call from Greg whom I had tried to contact some days before, but without even knowing it; he called me on my birthday. Before, I could explain anything, he said the Lord would have me to come to Germany immediately. The Lord had showed him everything about my life. I was like a dead man walking when I flew into Germany. I entered Greg's house in tears. There was a cloud of darkness over me which Greg noticed. He told me to rest and to refresh. After eating a meal, we sat down on the sofa and he began to speak into my life. I quite vividly remember him sharing about the Father’s love and blessing to me. He spoke to me for about one hour. When he was finished I cried so many tears. All that I had been encountering: the pain, rejection, unforgiveness, abandonment, disownment, abuse and voices saying to end my life for so many years all left me in one hour with God through Greg Violi. Today, I call Greg my dad because he showed me the way to the Father’s Heart. I may not have been alive to share this testimony. But it's almost ten years now, I have been delivered, healed and restored. I continue in ministry in South Africa where I live with my family today. To God be all the glory for what He has done in my life. Thank you Greg for allowing God to use and lead you.

Free from Depression, anxiety and hopelessness. frei von Depressionen, kirchlichen Traumata und Hoffnungslosigkeit.


I grew up in a Christian family. It was important for my parents to take me and my siblings to church every service, but we never saw or experienced the love of God at home. My childhood was marked by sadness, fear and panic attacks. I was extremely afraid of my father, he was angry and unpredictable. As a girl, I was not welcome in my family, so rejection, self-hatred and sadness came into my life. Even at a young age, I asked God why He created me as a girl and also all women, as He seems to hate us. That was how it was subconsciously communicated in the church I attended. I remember one day telling the Lord, "Lord can you explain to me all the Scriptures that are written against women?". In 2008 I heard my spiritual father Greg Violi preach for the first time in my church and since then my life has never been the same. So much healing and deliverance and restoration has come into my life. When I read the book "Talitha Cumi" and listened to the sermons, it brought so much healing to my life, and all the questions I had asked God years ago were answered in this book. 

Now I can say:

I was full of fear, had no authority, I could not think properly because there were many blockages,  but now I am set free from fear and have a clear mind, I am filled with His love and I know that I have authority over all the power of the enemy. I was once full of sorrow, but now I am liberated and I am a joyful person, I have so much joy in everyday life I used to hate myself and my life and had no meaning or purpose in life, and was depressed. But, now  I love myself and I love life and know I have a purpose in life. I know that I am wonderfully made and that I have a value that is priceless, and the Lord has lifted up my head, I am His beloved daughter. 


Thank you Jesus, you are the one who set me free, healed me and restored me, to you be all the glory ❤️❤️

frei vom Angst. Free from Fear, headcovering, and lies.


... When I was around 14, I started breaking loose of my parents and doing my own thing. I started doing small things, like smoking weed, cigarettes and started discovering the world of drugs. Getting older, like in high school. It started getting a little more crazy, more frequently, hanging out with friends that did drugs and getting better at hiding it, and growing into that world. As this progressed into my early twenties then it really started getting bad and I started losing control, doing hard drugs, like pills and Cocaine and drinking a lot. Right around this time, my early twenties I started becoming suicidal and at this point I had a lot of friends that died from doing drugs. At age twenty one, 5 or 6 friends had died from drugs and alcohol. And so I was really depressed and sad and so drugs were a major comfort for me in that sense and things started to really get out of control during this time. Right after my 21st birthday I had tried to commit suicide and was unsuccessful. I went to psychward for a short time and after this, I decided I needed to do something, because either I was headed to prison or death, so something had to change, so I decided to come to Germany. My dad knew Papa Greg and I decided to get away to try something new. I did not know what I needed to do, but I knew that what I was doing was not good and it wasn't going to lead into anything good. So this is when I first came to Germany and in the meetings, for the first time I ever really met the Lord and met the fire of God and one meeting specifically at a conference  where the Lord met me for the first time and I don't know what he all healed then, but that was the beginning where the Lord really started to heal me and to heal deep pain from when I was a little boy. When I was a little boy I was molested multiple times by different men and I know this played a role in a lot of the drug use. When I first came to Germany the Lord healed so many things. He started to deal with WHY I do the things I do. I came from a Christian family and nothing was mentioned about the heart, and all of the focus was on behavior modification and so there was no fruit. In Germany, the Lord started to get to the root of my problems. This was the beginning of many changes in me. And I stayed in Germany for about a year and decided to go back to America. This is when the challenge really started, was I going to continue to let the Lord do things in my life at a deep level, and to let this cleansing I experienced in Germany continue. I ended up going back into drugs even though I had experienced the Lord’s fire that had changed me. After my decision to go back to the old ways, it got worse than ever before. I started doing heavy drugs, a pill prescription problem which turned into a heroin addiction, and that's when things got worse. I ended up going into the city everyday, and around gangs that had guns, the devil made it very easy for me to get drugs, even when I did not have money to purchase them. All sorts of demonic doors were opened to keep me in this place. So drug addiction went on for a few more years. To a point of no control, to a point it was again ruining my life. Throughout this time, I would talk to Papa Greg off and on, but not so much, so I was quite disconnected to him. One day, I ended up in the hospital because I took drugs that really hurt my body, which scared me because I almost died. One month later, I was on my porch, and I was crying out to God, "You Have to do something because I can't get free of this. I knew the Lord could do it, I was very broken, I had tried to quit so many times and stop doing drugs and change my life.

I need you Lord to do this, to give me an option and a way out. It's important to mention that my whole life my decisions were often made by other people, like my parents, or my friends, I very seldom made big decisions by myself. Someone always made those ones for me.
I remember the Lord telling me, to put myself into drug rehabilitation treatment, and this is something I would have never done.


This would have been crazy to me. But I knew the Lord told me to do it, I picked up the phone and checked myself in drug treatment. I realized the Lord knew me as His son, and he knew I needed to distance myself from the drug world. And I couldn't do it without accountability. But this helped me start new habits. Basic practical things. I did this for 2 years and got off drugs and became clean of drugs. Now it's been 8 years, that I have been clean of drugs. My wife and I have moved to Germany. We have two wonderful, amazing children and are extremely fulfilled and happy about life. I have gone through many deep healing from things that happened when I was younger. Many healings that have happened being here and it has been absolutely incredible what God has been doing. God has used this ministry 100 percent to change my life, it was a miracle for me to even come to Germany in the first place. I would have never have left Wisconsin before. Now life is completely different. I have been completely set free from the power of misogyny (a deep seated hate and frustration towards women), and so many more changes took place after that I could go on and on, but I will end by saying, The Father God is beyond words and incredible!

help for drugs and suicidal thoughts
Drug overdose, addiction  Drogenüberdosis, Drogensucht



My name is Larissa and it is God's grace that I am still alive and able to write this testimony.
When I was 4 years old, I could not stay with my parents for private reasons, so I was given to my grandmother in the village for a while. From then on my childhood was over. In the village I was sexually abused by a relative for a long time. This brought many curses and hatred of men into my life. His mother was a Satanist . One night, through a ritual, she consecrated me to Satan. From then on, the enemy tormented me with nightmares, asthma attacks, guilt, fears, panic attacks, hatred, self-hatred and depression. 
I tried to take my own life several times, but some supernatural force always stopped me. I had survived five car accidents and cancer. I have had to protect myself. I Felt ugly and rejected and I hated myself. At the age of 32 I had a total burnout! On the outside everything looked GOOD! I was married, had children, a good job and my own car. I did not have the most important thing: PEACE and  purpose in life. 
This was indeed so!!!!! GOD IS SO FAITHFUL!!!! He is just waiting for us to cry out!!!
By God's grace I CAME to a Father's Conference with Greg Violi. Through this man of God, I got ALL THE ANSWERS to my questions ( I recommend the book, " Whose mind and which image?") and that was just the beginning of the New Life!!!!
Greg Violi gave me a father's blessing! I have longed for Father’s Love all my life!!!! This was the first time I experienced a holy kiss  and tons of healing, deliverance and truth about my Heavenly Father. He is a faithful, loving Father! (I Recommend the book: Finding Father, Finding Wholeness by Greg Violi) I used to be cursed,full of pride, unforgiveness, judgement, hatred, depression, hopelessness, self-hatred, full of darkness, tired of life and death. (Recommend Depression and Introspection by Greg Violi).
Today I am blessed and I am a blessing! Today I am full of light, full of joy, full of hope, full of life, full of love!!!!
Yes! My start in life was not so beautiful, but with joy and full of hope I now look to the future, for it will bring me a sevenfold payback. 
God turns all evil to good!!!
I'm allowed to just be now!
I don't have to prove anything to anyone!
I know that I am completely loved and accepted by the Heavenly Father!!!!
I am also allowed to make mistakes and I do NOT have to BE PERFECT ANYMORE!!!Like a little girl I am happy every day !!!! I love life. I am joyful and enjoy life !!!! I have accepted myself and no longer hate myself!  The Father says in His Word; "Behold, my spouse you are beautiful! behold, how beautiful you are! "(Song of Songs 4:1)
The Heavenly Father is my protector, my strength, my deliverer, my healer, my life, my counsellor, my hero, my righteousness !!!! I know now that He protects me and I am totally accepted and safe with Him!!!! I am never alone! Even if my father and mother leave me, the Lord takes me in (Psalm 27:10).Thank You God for Restoring me!


Helena and Valentin

Our testimony is best described by the song, “Goodness of God” 

The Grace of God is the reason we are the way we are today. It could have been very very horrible if not for the grace of God.


Our life was like an endless dark tunnel with no light shining through. Many Christian teachings that became like a giant puzzle with so many missing pieces. For so many years, what we had did not give us any answers to our many questions and so our problems got bigger and bigger. Then one day, we discovered the messages of Greg Violi.

At the beginning we could not understand what he was saying and so our questions became bigger than our answers.

At first we didn't plan to go to the meetings much, but something kept pulling us!

We felt more and more the Presence of God and got more and more answers to our questions!


I, as a wife, was in deep depression. In my childhood, I was hurt, abused and not allowed to show emotions. As a result, hatred and anger were buried very deep inside of  me. I often had strong outbursts of anger. I could no longer control myself. It was as if I was a person living beside herself. I was afraid that one day I might hurt my daughter very much, so I thought it would be better if I removed myself from my family.. One day there was a little booklet called, Depression and Introspection by Greg Violi on our living room table. My son had left it there. I just opened it up and started reading. It was like someone was describing my life, and could feel my pain. I was getting answers to my questions. Now I knew where my anger issues were coming from. The Father came and took out all the pain, hatred and anger. He gave me peace, a lot of joy and His pure love. Now, we started to allow Father God to come into more and more areas of our lives. He also freed me from the curse of the head covering. Before I was freed from the curse of the head covering, I would never speak in the presence of people, especially in a church. After prayer, I had full freedom to speak and there was no shame and no guilt after I spoke.


After we started attending the meetings regularly, we had it on our hearts to invite Papa Greg over our house. We asked him to give us the blessing of the Father. After the Father's Blessing our lives changed a lot. We could see that we were deceived and our whole life was filled with religion. Our lives were full of judgments, hatred, negative attitudes, unforgiveness, bitterness and there was no peace, love or joy in our family.

Our parents and other authority figures never one time affirmed or blessed us and we lived as if we were not allowed to exist because we were never validated as human beings. So, since we were never validated or affirmed, we could not validate or affirm our children either. Now, everything started to radically change with us and our grown up children and our family started to enter in to the blessing of God. Now, life, light, joy and love started driving out all of the deep seated hate, anger and sadness in all of us. The Father has been drawing our entire family more and more closer to his heart of love. We were freed from so many ungodly soul ties, chains of bondage and  issues of control. Our children have fantastic marriages and our grandchildren are very happy and such a great blessing. All of them are a wonderful testimony to the grace and goodness of God. We are such happy parents and grandparents. God has restored everything. Our marriage - we love each other more than ever, we have a lot of fun and laugh together often. We would never even have thought such a thing was possible before. There used to be a lot of stress and tension in our family. We couldn't enjoy each other and the times that we were together were not really fun or enjoyable. No one could just be themselves and enjoy who God had made them. There was always this thing that made everyone have to be someone else in order to function.. We were always trying to be very nice outwardly, and friendly and we believed the lie that we were a happy family, but deep inside we were frustrated, sad empty and very afraid and alone. Now God has placed us in His family where true love, true joy, honor and appreciation are experienced always. We no longer need to be nice. The atmosphere in our home has totally changed. We and our children are allowed to make mistakes. We can be real. Since we know that our Father in Heaven has accepted us and we are simply allowed to be His children, all the tension and stress has fallen away from us and we can truly rejoice. The realm of death that we used to live in with the power of sin is no longer a part of our lives. We are truly experiencing the realm of resurrection that Jesus Christ has brought into the world. We are risen with Christ and it is no longer us that are living, but Christ living in us. He brings joy, love, peace, every day and we know by experience the reality of a Father’s pure love that is upon us.


Colossians 2,13 “1When you were dead in your sins and in the uncircumcision of your flesh, God made you[a] alive with Christ. He forgave us all our sins.“



I suffered for many years from guilt, anxiety, rejection and depression and an emptiness within my soul. I didn't know what it was that I was looking for and at the time I had been a "Christian" for 15 years. It wasn't until I came to a conference with Greg Violi 8 years ago and heard truth, received a Father's blessing and had prayer that I realized what I had been searching for so desperately for so long: I was a "Christian" but I was not reconciled to the Father, I didn't know Him at all and I had a completely wrong image of Him!

Through hearing and receiving the truth, I can say today that my heavenly Father is faithful and I am deeply grateful for Greg & Marie, the family of God at Resting Place and the books.

Depression, anxiety, rejection, bitterness and self-hatred are gone and so are many other things.


Viktor and Inna

My name is Inna and my husband's name is Viktor. We would like to share how God completely changed our lives and totally healed our marriage. Inna: I was born and raised in a Christian family, where a lot of emphasis was put on external things and always about how important our appearance was. Because of religious convictions, women and girls had nothing to say in the family and in the community. Their only function was to have babies and to totally submit to their husbands in everything. I am the 17th child in my family and even as a little girl I always felt guilty. I was full of shame, fear, tension, selfrejection and self-hatred. By the time I was five years old, I had already beaten myself for no reason, except I hated who I was. I had many illnesses and as it turned out later almost all of them had to do with my emotional and mental condition. When I was 18, I married my husband Viktor and on our wedding day, he notified me that he did not love me, but instead he loved another girl, but he was marrying me because it was God’s will. 
Viktor: I was also born and raised in a Christian family. I had felt very good about myself and saw myself as a very good person and a true Christian. Many Christians and other people perceived me to be a very good man and a godly husband. But, my life was all about how I appeared to people and this is the main reason that others saw me as being so very good. Today, I have to say that deep down inside, I knew that something was not right with who I was. In 1989 we came to Germany and in the same year I met Inna and after one year we got married. Before our wedding I said to Inna that I love someone else, but I will marry her anyway, because it was God's will. So our marriage began with many problems and no true love. 
Inna: As strange as it sounds, I was so naive at that time that Viktor seemed like a hero to me, and I felt privileged to have someone like Viktor as my husband. Right after our wedding we had a lot of tension and quarrels. Viktor was rarely at home and after work he was away, because he spent a lot of time at his friend’s house. I was alone all by myself during the day and many evenings as well. We lived with Viktor's parents and they blamed me for all of our marital problems. I fell more and more into self-pity. despair, hopelessness and had more and more anger. I made many judgments and I had deep-seated bitterness towards my husband. We used to go to some Christian counselors, but mostly all of them just put the blame on me. Even when I mentioned that my husband was beating me, their comment was, “you just need to be more submissive”. In other words, the reason he was beating me, was because I was provoking him to anger and so it was my fault. Viktor’s father committed suicide.So, after this our situation worsened and Viktor went into depression. 
Viktor: I could not control myself at home and was full of anger and frustration and I had depression and I blamed my wife for it. But outwardly in the community and at work I hid it and acted like I was a very caring and loving husband. I was living a double life. Our three children had to grow up in this terrible atmosphere and so we had a very chaotic homelife. After 19 years of marriage, I was diagnosed with schizophrenia (which is what my father also had), and we wanted to get a divorce. I realized that apart from a miracle, it was all over for us. Our children were extremely broken, fearful and even had suicidal thoughts. It was at this time, that someone invited us to attend a Marriage Seminar by Greg Violi. I went to a previous meeting that Greg spoke at and I told him about our marriage. Greg said to me: “go home and humble yourself before your wife and children, and ask them to forgive you for your pride.” At the time Greg said this to me, I looked like I was fine with this. But, after I got home and had time to think about what he actually said to me, I started to become very angry inside.
I thought, “someone as humble as I am, having to take the blame in front of their entire family for their pride.” This made me really angry and I decided to destroy all of Greg’s teachings! Inna: Greg was the first man to say clearly to Viktor that he had a problem. So, since our marriage kept getting worse, we eventually went to the Marriage Seminar, because it was our final hope. We experienced the tangible real Presence of God at this Seminar and after much fighting and intense struggling, we both humbled ourselves and washed each other’s feet. It was at this part of the Seminar that we felt a change take place within our marriage and now, for the first time, we had great hope. While washing my feet, Viktor started to cry and he asked for my forgiveness. I asked him also for forgiveness and then we just held each other and cried for a long time. It was real and it was from our hearts. Since that very moment, everything started to change in our marriage and in our lives. A process of recovery and healing began. Viktor was completely cured of schizophrenia and I was healed of many diseases and freed of many things. So much freedom started coming into our lives that I could never have imagined before. Our children were completely changed. Some of the things healed were: suicidal thoughts, hatred, lusts, rejection, tremendous fear, confusion, rebellion, self-pity, religious spirits and many other things. Tremendous healing became a reality within our individual lives, our marriage and our family. Our two daughters got married to godly men and we were all so different than before. One last thing that was uncovered was the misogyny in the male bloodline.
I could feel in the atmosphere and in Viktor a frustration regarding me and often there was no apparent reason whatsoever. When I would bring up something simple that needed to be done in the home or anything else, it seemed to Viktor that I was attacking him and he would respond with something like, “you don’t appreciate me.” During our sleep, he would push me and even hit me in the middle of the night. I was confused and did not know what was happening. One more interesting observance is that Viktor wanted to control everything that had to do with me and the children. Areas like how I take out the trash, what I buy, etc. At the same time, when it was the perfect time for him to take the lead, he would respond with passivity and he carried no authority in the realm of the spirit. Viktor: At that time I had no revelation of misogyny and all of its many manifestations seemed normal and appropriate to me. I was constantly frustrated with my wife and I could not be sensitive to her needs. I was very passive in spiritual things, and I could not be a spiritual covering for her. Whenever she would call me at work regarding a real need, it always seemed as a personal attack and I would even threw the phone down in anger. I was blind to see that it was misogyny working in me until one day I saw this is what it is. Now, I had to force myself to humble myself and look in my wife’s eyes and ask for forgiveness for my misogyny. The hatred behind misogyny was manifesting in my facial muscles and I made myself wash her feet. That was the beginning of a real destruction of this wicked evil in the bloodline. There must be many decisions to choose the humility and love of the Father and then nothing in the bloodline of Adam has power to overcome the precious blood of Christ inside of me. 
Conclusion: Before I thought that my wife should be grateful that she has me and she needs me. Today, I am very grateful for such a wonderful woman of God and special wife. I do not have any more feelings of frustration, anger, but instead, I feel love, appreciation. and more sensitivity to my wife and children’s needs. My need to control is gone and my ability to lead is constantly increasing. 
Inna: I have destroyed all of my judgments and now I have great love and peace with much honor and appreciation for the man that God has given to me. I feel special and safe being with my husband.
When something needs to be done, he does it with joy! We love to be together. We are knowing the true God and Father and therefore, all of these religious lies about women, honor and putting emphasis on outward things, instead of pure love are vanishing away!! And today I know that God loves all women and in Christ, my life is filled with meaning, purpose and excitement. I am needed as a wife, mother and grandmother and I enjoy all of these very much. I have authority in the spirit and I love being a godly grandmother for my grandchildren. We are very happy and can only marvel at what the Lord has done in our lives. Thank you Father God!

completely cured of schizophrenia and I was healed of many diseases and freed of many things


My Life changed so much since I got to know my spiritual father Greg Violi. I never met someone who was filled with the word of God like him. What I mean by that, is not only knowing the word but living and manifesting it! Since the word is full of light and life it is not possible to stay the same if someone receives it. 

Before I met him I loved the lord and even followed him as I knew back then, but I was in mixture and was a lot guided by my feelings. I was completely blind regarding my pride. Christianity would encourage me in pride by telling me how awesome I was, having such a love for Christ. These words of people would be my downfall because I would judge everyone who seems to have not such a fire and be religious as I was. But the truth is I was hard, full of anger, self-pity, self-hatred, bitter and very selfish.

Even the Lord tells us all over the Bible that he hates pride and his heart is meek and lowly, but I did not understand this until I could see it demonstrated. I really heard and saw it for the first time when I read Papa Gregs book "The King's Holy Beauty".

From that time on I started to receive what the lord spoke through Papa and so my life got in so much order. When I started to deal with my judgments and to humble myself, then I got much deliverance and healing. 

Now I can relate to people and the love of Christ flows through me because I was cleansed from bitterness, I love myself more and more and so much fear left and my heart is getting softer and softer. My husband and kids can confirm that. 🙂


I'm very changed today and I know now my real enemy is pride!


I cannot imagine where I would be, if the lord did not lead me to this absolutely precious Father, man of God, Greg Violi. Thank you for everything Dad!



I am Lisa and I grew up in a Christian home. For the first 22 years of my life, all I knew was religion and religious Christians going to church every Sunday with a nice smile on their face. I remember wondering as a child if we were the only family where it was hell at home. It seemed like for all the others all was right with the world. When I was about 18 years old, everyone called me the "happy Lisa" because I was always smiling. It got to a point in my studies (theology and social work) that I went to university smiling and sat on the edge of my bed in the evening, absolutely devastated and crying, not knowing what to do next. I had an eating disorder (which I was very good at hiding from others) and was full of doubts about God. I felt like I was losing my mind and couldn't take my exams. At this point, a friend invited me to a conference with Greg Violi. That changed my life. When I walked into the room where the meeting was taking place, all my doubts about God were swept away in a second because the room was full of the love and presence of God. From that moment on I started to get to know God as Father.  Especially the sermons of our pastor Greg Violi changed my life a lot. I didn't live in reality for a long time. And always had to have everything together and do everything right. I was full of fear but had a smile on my face on the outside. I couldn't have relationships and I couldn't share my heart. I didn't think I would ever get married because I didn't think anyone would love me for who I am. Now I am happily married, my life is getting more beautiful day by day. I can enjoy my true self more and more and am becoming more and more who I was made to be. I no longer have an eating disorder. I really enjoy eating. I no longer have to smile all the time. And I hear more and more what the Father really thinks about me and that heals me and makes me whole.



... Before I met Greg Violi I took 3 different medications for severe depression. I hated my life and had no joy. Since my childhood I also had problems with insomnia, I could not fall asleep normally. The medication helped me with that, but  I was tired all of the time, dizzy and had no desire to do anything. I felt like a zombie. After a time in psychiatry and rehabilitation, I was told that I can work for 4-5 hours per day and that this diagnosis will follow me the rest of my life. 3 months after a prayer and fathers blessing from Greg Violi, I took no more medication. I can fall asleep well now, I am awake, work full time and am very joyful and am excited  to live. It’s a whole new life, it’s like a dream.

Depression and medication
Before I met Greg Violi I took 3 different medications for severe depression. I hated my life and had no joy


Before I met Papa Greg, my life was full of fear and hopelessness. Especially in my teenage years, I totally closed up myself and allowed no one to touch my feelings. My life did not have any order and I lost joy in my life and was filled with depression. On the outside I tried to look happy so people would not see my pain, but it wasn't the reality. In adolescence I escaped into relationships with men to find a feeling of value and well-being about myself. When I was doing so bad and really did not know how to go any further I met the Father through the messages of Greg Violi, who revealed his heart to me as a daughter. Also, because of the book Talitha Cumi I discovered in a brand new way my value as a woman. Now my life is full of joy and hope. I'm married, we have a little son and we are excited about life.



In 2015 and 2016 I heard Greg Violi speak often and was a regular visitor to the meetings. At that time I was challenged by the messages and felt there was a truth in them that I had not known before. I came to a point where I considered changing my place of residence to become part of the meetings and the movement. Due to various circumstances within me and also influence from outside, I did not have the courage to make such a drastic decision. This was also due to the circumstance I was in with my life. It was not very hopeful and was to become even more difficult over the next few years. Externally, I grew up in an environment that made a very good and friendly impression and all needs seemed to be met. From an early age I went to church and took on many different tasks in this environment. Inwardly, however, it was very very different from what I showed outwardly.

I was filled with a deep-seated loneliness since childhood, which was intensified by living alone as a young adult. The friendships I had in my religious environment usually had no depth and were characterised by superficiality.

If I shared my heart, it made people feel very uncomfortable and there was no  reciprocation. Instead, I was labelled with words like "oversensitive" or "too emotional". Even though I didn't want to admit it at first, I developed a strong depression and inner insecurity about life.

My working days were driven by fear of meeting the next client. My diet became very unhealthy and monotonous and a world of thoughts built up inside me trying to find meaning to life.

At the end of 2019, I came to a point where I decided that I had to go all the way with God or just totally forget about Him. I starting to think about the environment in Greg Violi’s Church and all of the changed lives and the joy that was there. So I attended meetings again with the intention of addressing my inner issues.

Looking back, I would say this was the key moment when I realised that
I was alone responsible for the decisions in my life. It was  not my parents or other people around me. So, of my own free will and believing that God will meet me, I decided to change my place of residence. At the same time I met my current wife, who would speak truth into my life. The first few weeks were filled with crying, comforting and just being allowed to "be" and to let the deep buried pain out. Since then my life has changed completely, it is hard for me to remember the past. I attended as many meetings as I could and opened up so that my spiritual family could speak into my life. All the confusion and constant thinking and introspection that used to govern my life has completely gone. All the depression is gone. Without medication, without therapists, without psychologists. I enjoy life and love being the person I am. So every day
I learn to take responsibility for my family. Being a husband and a dad is a huge joy and this would not have been imaginable for me a few years ago.

Now, in my job, I am in the same field and love the customer contact.
At the same time, God blesses me with great success in this field. I am honoured by others and I honour them and there is no more sarcasm or teasing in me. The desire for that kind of uncleanness in my speech is
no longer there.

At home, our family life can be compared to heaven on earth. The love, joy, honour and appreciation is very real and great amongst us ... All the heaviness that I have carried all my life has dissipated. I laugh more than ever because I just enjoy living. The messages and truths Greg teaches have changed my entire life. He brings God as Father in a very practical way and lives out for us what it means to live a life that is laid down for God. As a son of God, I can say today, I love life and I look forward to what will come in the future.



I grew up in a culture  with the religious belief that a woman that is married has to wear a head covering. So my mother wore a head covering because they believed this is what the Bible teaches, but I never believed that a woman should wear this and i never wore it myself. But suddenly when I got married, so many things started to change for the worst and I never understand why. It felt as if I was constantly imprisoned in a false personality and a false self. I should mention that my husband also came from a family culture of strong misogyny. Suddenly I lost my passion more and more for spiritual things and let only my husband pray at home. I felt as if I could receive way less of the messages which Pastor Greg was preaching and as if fear started to increase in my life. I was so puzzled by all of this because before i got married I was a pretty honest person and overcame a lot of fear. Now it was even hard for me to be honest to my husband in little things to share my heart with him because fear was blocking me. Another thing that changed was that with the marriage everything started to not matter. When Nathanael asked me for my opinion in normal everyday things,
I often  said to him "either way is fine, i don't care". This answer was mostly always my response to things he would ask me. At the same time my firstborn baby was really tormented by stomach pain. 

All this time I knew something was really wrong with me, but I could never put my finger on the problem. (see Talitha Cumi) by Greg Violi. 

Then Pastor Greg Violi started to preach about the head covering, that the head covering is not a Biblical teaching and misogyny has influenced this understanding of the Scriptures. He shockingly said that 1 Corinthians 11 is very clear that a woman does NOT need to cover her head in Christ. The main Scripture is 1 Cor 7:1, which says NOW concerning the things whereof YOU WROTE TO ME. From this Scripture on, there are many things that the Corinthians were asking their spiritual father about and then he would respond. For example, the Judaizers were wanting to put the Corinthians back under the law and one of the ways to put them under law was to say women aught to cover their heads. Paul's response to the custom of covering the head is found in
1 Cor 11:16- CJB However, if anyone wants to argue about it, the fact remains that we have no such custom, nor do the Messianic communities of God. We have NO such custom and neither do any of the other churches.

So, I discovered that when women agree with this teaching of covering the head she  loses her glory and her authority because God gave the hair as glory for the woman and authority over her head to pray. When I heard this teaching I began to cry and cry – I really got a revelation in that moment and knew THIS is the answer to all the things that changed the moment I got married! After this my husband listened to the teaching too and we got prayer for this head covering. From this day on everything changed- and for me it was a BIG change!! 1. I got my glory back. My husband was totally in awe and said every day to me "you look so beautiful!! You must have your glory back!!" We were totally anew in love. 2. I got my authority back. Before I was married I prayed for people and believed in the authority that I have. After my wedding, I stopped praying almost entirely and just let my husband pray. The day I got the revelation of the head covering I commanded the demons that was tormenting my little baby to be bound and immediately my baby stopped crying and was at peace. 3. I could be in my true self again- my normal personality, all the fear left me and I could share my heart and mind with my husband and with other people. I felt like so much religion left me in that moment. 4. I got my passion and fire back for the things of God. 5. Suddenly it was as If a veil left my whole being and I could receive truth and revelation way better and understand way more than before!!! I was a whole new person and I was so thankful!! I was in agreement with this head covering because of my bloodline, It was this that blocked me in every way and blocked me from fulfilling my calling in life!! Now everything was totally restored!!!



From nothing to something.
I grew up in a family full of poverty, a lot of hate and a lot of rules about how you have to behave outwardly as a Christian.
At a very young age I lost hope that life was a beautiful thing. Because I am a very creative person, I always felt stupid at school and I thought that this life had nothing good in store for me. I didn't want to have anything to do with God either. All the rules and lovelessness in our home showed me that God was a stubborn father who didn't want me to have any fun in life. I didn't think I was beautiful either and I thought that I was way too fat. Nobody ever told me that I was beautiful, not even my parents.

This childhood was followed by a hopeless, depressive period in which I repeatedly asked myself why I am I alive. I have completely lost my value for myself. I got involved with a lot of men. I never wanted to have the role of a mother or wife; I suffered from a major eating disorder.
I was in a deep hole in every area of my life. Financially, in My Job, my relationships were broken and I had nothing but emptiness in my heart.

So when I was 23 years old, God met me in a radical way and showed me that I had never actually known him.
A short time later I found Greg Violi on YouTube. 
Through a lot of truth and, above all, the father's pure love, I was able to get to know the true Father God through him. 
Deep wounds that I didn't even know about were healed. I noticed that my view of life and the image of myself were totally distorted by the way I grew up.

And what is it like now, 10 years later?
I am absolutely filled in every area of my life. This life feels unreal when I compare it to my past. I have a husband, a sweet daughter, I have my own business and have extreme joy and love for life. I know that I am beautiful, I feel smart and that God really wants me exactly the way I am. All of my gifts and talents that were buried have been restored. And I know I'm God's favorite child, and so are you;)

We live here in a real movement of God and find ourselves in a dimension of love that is indescribable. We do not take lightly that God has come down to dwell with us. He is a true God who works miracles today. And I am his testimony. My life today is amazing !!



When I grew up I always had a hard time focusing for a long time and was very restless. When I was in the 3rd grade I got diagnosed with ADHD. From then on everything just went downwards and I was medicated and had to take a very high dose which made me very lethargic and led me into a deep depression with panic attacks at the age of 8 or 9 until I was 12. As I got older I always had a really hard time focusing for a longer period of time and would often drift into other worlds during times of learning or listening. I always felt that strong need to sooth myself with technology such as my smartphone or watching tv shows for hours and days at a time even into my adulthood. I always felt a need to portray to the outside world that I had it all together. For example, when my house was a total mess and a friend told me they were going to come by soon, I would have to clean my whole apartment in half an hour just to keep the impression that I have it all together even when in reality the opposite was the case. I had a very low self-esteem and therefore, I would not take care of myself in daily manners such as brushing teeth etc. I would often be very excited to start something new but would never finish it. In my household this would show as that I would start a lot of different tasks but never complete one of them. I also had problems with sleeping from a very young age. One day as Pastor Greg prayed for me and released me from ADHD – from that day on my life was turned upside down. Right after that prayer I started to work out on a daily basis and in a few months I lost almost 20 kg which is a miracle in itself because I always struggled with being overweight and that was the first time in my life where I started something and I didn't give up just after a few weeks and I still enjoy working out today. I love moving my body and taking care of it now. I enjoy listening to teachings for a long time and I don't feel this need to go into other worlds anymore. I am free now to put my phone down and just enjoy silence at times. I enjoy doing my chores, but I also have no problem if people see when it is not tidy at my place. I enjoy talking and just being myself without constantly thinking I am a burden. There is a new peace I have never experienced before and the Lord is now my hiding place and not my phone or television.
I am so different today.



As a child, I was sent to a child Psychiatry once a week and I never understood why. I felt ashamed and for many years I felt deep inside that I am stupid and there is something wrong with me. Later on in my teenage years, I was addicted to computer games and drank a lot of alcohol and I would hide in my room most of the time and would rarely go down to eat with my family. I was filled with extreme fear and didn't want to be with people. I had a lot of physical pain and strong headaches, almost every day. I was filled with guilt and I always felt I am not good enough. I was depressed and my emotions were all bound up. I never thought I would get married, and I thought, at 30 I would still be living with my parents. 

Today – I am filled with great joy and I love life. I have been happily married for 3 years and we have a beautiful daughter. I don't have headaches anymore and I love being with people. I thrive in every job I do, and I finished my apprenticeship with the highest grade in the state, the Lord has done great things! I discovered a group of people that love God and love me and God has used these people to transform my life and heal my brokenness.


Ralph and Manuela 

... Our family life for over 15 years was characterized by a lot of pressure, fear and the search for recognition. We loved the Lord and wanted to give Him everything in the way we understood it from the Bible and thought it was right. This was centered on serving Him. Over the years, more and more responsibilities and practical ministries were added and we were sure this is exactly the way that it is supposed to be in the Lord.


Unfortunately, our relationships with our growing children deteriorated more and more and they drifted away from us, from the church and from God. Our thinking was, "this is normal... let them move on... they need to make their own decisions." Hardly any blessings, hardly any fellowship in family, hardly any real interest in their needs.

The years passed with many appointments and other church activities. We were heavily involved in serving children outside the church and we really loved it. Also, the way we lived church was just what suited us. So we didn't worry much about critical voices, which increased over the years. Despite many problems in our family and church, we saw ourselves on the right path. The service to the "lost" people was done continuously and with total commitment.

In February 2016 everything totally collapsed. Our life, our foundation, our faith in church and ministry. Our question was: God where are you Lord? Was it all in vain? We saw deep distress in our children, the coldness in our relationships, even within the community. It was frightening!

I (Ralf) became aware that despite many outside activities, I was acting very passively, especially when it came to our family and many things were just an outward appearance of doing what is right. We sought God and he supernaturally led us into contact with Greg and Marie Violi. It would be wrong to say we had not experienced God our whole lives as Christians. Of course we had. But the dimension we encountered through their ministry was completely different.

It was real, pure, loving, and at the same time crystal clear the word of truth. "And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." That's exactly what happened.

During a Father's Seminar in May 2016, I received the Father's Blessing from Greg. It was embedded in a special meeting with some people from our group and at the same time so much repentance, healing and deliverance took place. All within a half hour. We felt real freedom and received new strength and hope. The Lord was not gone, he still loved us and was willing to forgive us and also we could now forgive others who had hurt and abused us.

I (Ralf) really struggled in the beginning to accept the teaching of pride and humility. I was so full of prejudice and judgment and I was afraid to follow people again instead of God. After the Father's Blessing revelation and the liberation and revelations about our pride after that, I could see the treasure in it. It is really all about the Glory of God and living authentically in His Presence. We experienced signs and wonders in the truest sense of the word the more we got involved. The atmosphere of genuine love, family and a culture of honor, where mistakes are not a problem and where it is not the outward appearance, but first the attitude of the heart that counts, convinced us. Little by little, God began to restore our family. The way we treated our children changed. We began to apologize to them, release them, and pronounce more and more blessings over them.

We were also noticeably renewed and blessed as a married couple over the last few years. The revelations of hatred of weakness, a victim mindset, a spirit of rage and hatred of women led us into a new depth, unity and love for each other. And we can say with conviction that we have a fantastic marriage today. The peace and love of God has returned.

God is faithful! He continues to lead us through a process so that we learn to see with His eyes, hear His voice, and be a blessing to others.


This does not mean that there are no more problems, but we now have access to effective solutions and wisdom from heaven.

There would be much more to tell, that could fill pages. But the key to all this is one principle and the main message of Greg Violi: humility and the attitude of our heart. His book "Whose Image and Which Mind?" contains so many simple truths that are relevant in dealing with each other. It all starts with this. We confess our guilt and God gives so much grace.

We are changed today and full of hope and expectation for what else God has prepared for this time.

Thank you Papa Greg and Mama Marie for laying down your lives daily so that the Kingdom of God can be seen in reality.



My name is Sandra and I grew up in a home with my sister who is four years older than I. The atmosphere was almost always filled with impatience, aggression, harshness, criticism, tension, arguments and hate. No affirmation, no apologies, no hugs and no kisses. I can't even remember my father looking me in the eye. The three women in the home always walked on eggshells just not to make him explode. I didn't dare ever ask any questions because it usually made me shake in fear. Practicing math with him was pure hell. As a result of my studying math with my father, I hated numbers and mathematics. If I had creative ideas, then I was told that I should stop fantasizing. I was always anxious and insecure. My grandfather made my mother

kneel on the corn when she laughed for no reason. My grandfather and the rest of the relatives living in this household spoke negative, evil things about my future and life. They would say “I would be a tomboy.” “You should take better care of yourself.” I was compared to all of the cousins who were better than me. When I was about 10 years old, I found out that I would get attention if I used cuss words and made people laugh, and acted like a clown, then this would make the atmosphere a little better. So, I would curse, using the most disgusting expressions possible. Gossip was my favorite hobby. I was rebellious, confused and open to the occult just like my mother. I started having nightmares and when I started working as a nurse, I was constantly afraid of doing or saying something wrong. I admired everyone in the hospital who did their jobs with joy and ease. I longed for that peace and I did not have any of it.

During the early years of marriage, I apologized over and over again for the things I did and it never seemed to get any better. After I gave birth to my first daughter, the panic attacks began. At 42 years old I was a total nervous, mental and physical wreck. Physical discomfort, nighttime panic attacks and nightmares, eczema, no joy, heaviness and no vision of anything ever improving in the future. In 2015 I heard Greg Violi speak about ungodly soul ties. That night, after the prayer, Jesus came into my room and He took out all the ropes and ties inside of me. I was completely set free. The whole bed shook and the bedroom was filled with light. My husband slept during this time. Shortly thereafter, I received the father's blessing. Papa Greg was the first man who said I was a blessing and since then I have become a real blessing. I no longer have anxiety, no more night time panic attacks and nightmares. Papa Greg prayed over me and spoke into being that I would have success in business. Today, after only three years of existence, I have customers all over the world. I am self-confident and courageous in front of TV cameras and in interviews for regional and international magazines. They all ask about the secret of my company's success. I love working as a nurse and I also love my business. I love the ease, the peace and the rest that I can now experience daily. I love bookkeeping and numbers and I no longer have any fears of numbers. My life is constantly bearing fruit and it is more productive than ever.

Today, I know who I am and I know my value and my worth. I used to never dare to say No to anyone, but today if I mean yes, then I say yes and if I mean no, then I say no. I have no shame or guilt anymore and
I live a life of gratitude, security and peace. I, Sandra truly love life and
I like living.



I grew up in a Christian family which meant for me an atmosphere of stress, hatred and tension where there was no place for me to just be who god made me to be. Since I was little, my great desire and prayer was just to have fun and enjoy life. My Christian experience taught me that enjoying life was not important to God. I was afraid to grow up and I never wanted to get married because life all around me did not seem worth living. 

The older I got, the more self-hatred and depression increased in my life. I was very quiet and very lonely inside even though there were many people around me and was very unmotivated to achieve anything in my life. 

My life was defined by fear. I had a bad image of God the Father and
I really believed that I was a disappointment to Him.


Through the truth that Papa Greg Violi speaks, I became free from one chain after another. I have met God the Father and know that I am a son. I can be myself and I love myself now.

My life is not the same anymore. At present, I am studying to become a teacher. I dance around the apartment with my wife and sing and laugh a lot. I am no longer alone because I am now a part of a family.
I know that the future holds good things because Father is a good God.

I like life and life likes me. It is truly amazing all that God has done in
my life.



What impacted me from the very first moment that I met my spiritual Father was this substance of pure love and honor what came out of him and it touched me deeply, I never experienced anything like this before. How do I know that it’s God’s love? Because it never seeks its own and the fruit is incredible! This love led me to repentance and the ministry of Papa Greg reconciled me to Father God!  God was able to set me free of homosexuality, self-hatred, and any other Form of hate, especially hatred of weakness, hundreds of bondages, sickness and diseases, wounds of rejection, massive trauma through a lot of sexual abuse and violence! I was full of pride and pain And the list could go on and on ...  Today I am a new creation in Christ Jesus! I have deep joy, love, peace and I experience more and more that I am really loved by my Heavenly Father And God brought me into a Family like he said in his word: Psalm 68:6 Thank you Papa Greg & Mama Marie and the Family to be a vessel for pure love 💗. It healed my wounds 🙏.



I am Beate married to Eduard. We are 32 and 33 years old. We both come from a strict religious church that we were born into and grew up in. When God led us to Pastor Greg Violi, our lives were at a point where I was depressed, without the will to live, full of self-pity, full of anger, hatred and control.
My husband's passivity and the focus we were taught on externals and religiosity and our completely false image of God made me despair. In early 2020, God led us under the ministry of Greg Violi. His teachings, and books, and the pure Word of God from his mouth have completely changed our lives, healed our marriage, and opened our eyes. 
Before, there was constant strife, tension, frustration, heaviness and anger in our home. Our financial situation was not good. We often had no money to buy food at the end of the month and there was always insecurity, chaos and despair, and I had lost all will to live, which also affected our children.
Now we are experiencing what God is really like. He is our loving Father who truly cares for us. He has healed my wounds from psychological and physical abuse in my life and the church. We now live every day by His grace and in His love. God has changed my heart tremendously through the book, The Lamb's Heart and the teachings. God is showing me more and more my pride and how it has destroyed my family, my children and myself. I see more and more how beautiful his heart of humility is and how much joy it is to just let him express Himself through my body. He now  lives through me. Through this he has already healed so many wounds I caused my children and husband through my proud insensitive heart and he is restoring all of the relationships so that we truly enjoy each other.
Our life is a celebration every day. I look forward to each new day and I am excited about life each morning. I have now built my own business, my husband is very successful in his job and we have our own house to live in. God has really brought us out of the darkness into the light.



My life has been 1000% transformed through Greg Violi’s ministry. I grew up in a Christian home with a father that travelled the world to make people become Christians, while life in our home was hell. Through my upbringing in a dysfunctional family I had big issues. In my young teenage years, I was just completely lost in the world, doing everything bad you can think of, ran away from home starting at 11 years old and even lived in a social home when I was 13 or 14 yrs. old...  I even looked like death on the outside. Then I started changing my behavior and outside looks, so I didn't look so terrible anymore but my life was filled with crippling fear, deep pain, rejection, no peace, feeling like I was a burden, issues relating to people and I could never be myself. I went to churches looking for God but couldn't find him anywhere. I felt all alone and completely hopeless for life and came to a point were the only way out of my misery was trying to run away from myself or not live anymore.  Around this time I started to get a connection to Greg and his ministry and my life started to change completely. When I heard him share for the first time, I felt like a fish stranded on hot sand that someone poured water over the last second. I had put an extreme guard up toward any type of preacher because of my past and the hypocrisy I witnessed everywhere. When Greg Violi shared, I knew it was the truth, even though I could not understand it. I felt that he is sharing from a pure heart with no hidden motive and it is God speaking. My life now has been completely transformed. God healed me from deep pain , set me free from fear, rejection and extreme guilt and shame. I have no problem relating to people and I can just be myself and don't have to copy anyone else. He cleaned up and healed so many broken areas. Then God started dealing with issues where I had hate, pride, unforgiveness and bad things that I had against others and did to others.  Through the ministry of my spiritual father Greg, my life is filled with peace, joy, excitement, and hope. I have a godly husband and two beautiful boys and all of us continue to be changed and life gets better and better from one realm of glory to another.

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I grew up in every kind of abuse: emotional, physical, verbal, sexual and spiritual. My dad shouted and punched and my mom lived in constant fear and so did we as children. I had a deep father wound, abandonment, hardness and many insecurities. I heard a voice from early on saying, ‘It will never change, so kill yourself’. I had dreams of dying and lived through books and movies of fantasy lives with good endings. When I was at my end and my suicide plan was in place, God came. He changed so much that my dad died in my arms, we had love for one another and I could hold him and bless him as he passed. Then when I met Greg, he asked me what it was like with my dad. That started a journey of deep healing for me as I received a father’s blessing for the first time in my life. I can’t remember receiving kind words, help, or encouragement as a child or teenager. Greg took the place of my dad and God came through him, his eyes, his voice and his touch and I was now under blessing and not curses. Since I started listening to Greg & reading his books, my thoughts of myself and others have changed tremendously. I had deep self hatred, self bitterness, I hated myself for making mistakes. I had no idea how I loved my pride. Because of the abuse, I clung to any good I (my SELF) could do or say. After listening to truth and much correction, God gave me eyes to see that I could do no thing; nothing, all my own goodness was meaningless, like having a shower and then putting on filthy rags. I even thought I was a good Christian but really I was confused about still existing anger, emotional pain, heaviness as well as my fearful reactions to normal life situations. I had been taught to be a good girl and it will all go well. Thankfully, through my pastors, Greg and Marie Violi and the atmosphere they carry, many things have changed inside and I’m no longer trying to do the Christian thing and give a perfect image. Greg’s books, The Heavenly Victorious Life, the Lambs Heart & The Key to Staying in Love, as well as the truth Greg continuously spoke has all healed me from much childhood pain, deep hidden anger and helped me to embrace my weaknesses instead of hating myself for making mistakes. I have also been healed of constant headaches, including migraines, pain in the womb, and hip pain from an accident. I have a fantastic marriage - the first in my family - and from the blessings I have had released into me, I now have an art and craft business. Greg teaches us that God gives us all things to enjoy and my husband and I are thankful and enjoying life more than ever before.

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Joel and Katharina

We are Joel and Katharina and we’ve been married for 8 years. We have 4 children and our marriage and life has been completely turned around since we have moved to Germany to be a part of the body there and receive the incredible truths that Father God is pouring out through his earthly vessel Greg Violi. Our marriage was a total mess even though you would probably would not have been able to tell. We could look good for others on the outside. We both grew up in Christian homes and loved the Lord and were leaders in the church, but we were full of religion and selfishness. We didn’t know the ways of the Lord and the utter importance of our inner attitude in the sight of God.
Our home was filled with anger, hardness, stress and strong misogyny would manifest daily through Joel through his words and actions. There was no sensitivity for others and there was a constant underlying deep frustration for no apparent reason which made it impossible to enjoy anything in life, whether it was going out as a family, going to a restaurant or just being together at home. The children were very angry, frustrated and hurt, since it was almost impossible to communicate to them, even the very small things. Not feeling loved or appreciated and being  uncovered, especially in public as a wife filled me with much fear and hopelessness.
Through much humbling, deliverance and spiritual truths shared, the Father started doing a deep healing in both of us. Our marriage has been completely restored and healed and turned around. After I ( Joel) got delivered from misogyny, I am now a completely different husband and Father to my children. All the stress, anger and frustration is gone and I can love and cover my family now. I am sensitive to their needs and we all love to be together. My wife and I  are a fantastic team and we walk through every circumstance that arises together knowing that our Father has a perfect plan and solution for everything.
When our 6 year old son was diagnosed with leukemia I was given no other choice but to spend many weeks in the hospital with him during his treatment as my wife had to stay home to take care of our 2 month old baby and the rest of the children. We experienced many miracles during that time, from him not losing his hair months into chemo, to him being able to almost eat completely normal and not losing any weight. The Father’s Presence was so strong during that time. WE can clearly see all of the supernatural things that took place during this very intense time with our son. Today, we all are more full of life that ever before. Our son is completely healed and a happy little boy full of life and joy!
I (Katharina) would also like to add that the nurses were so amazed as they watched Joel and Jeremiah together because they had never seen a father care for his little boy the way Joel did. I know without the many dealings of God and Joel getting free from misogyny that would never have been possible.
Today we have heaven on earth, and it’s getting purer and more wonderful every single day.

We go into more detail in our testimony in the book “The Disguised Murderer – Misogyny in the Church”

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Before I got to know Greg Violi’s ministry I was stuck in life and basically not able to move foreword in any area. I was also stuck In a vicious cycle of religious fasting and was very skinny. I had tremendous self hatred and had no joy in life. I believed that marriage was nothing but pain and that a man would always leave his wife and his responsibilities. 
Now I am able to move foreword in life. I’m not in religious fasting anymore and I am healthy. I like myself and I like life. I’m happily married and we both really love each other. 
One big breakthrough is in my family life. The idea of me being a mother was only a horror to me and I had no like for babies. I did not have any love for children and babies and I was disgusted when I saw a pregnant woman.  
When the Lord started to work healing in me regarding children, He was very gentle and just knocked on my door with no pressure. God did not reveal a harsh, demanding legalistic Being when He started healing me regarding being a mother and having a family! He would still love me if I did not have children, but I would miss out on the tremendous blessings that He wanted to give me! The choice was mine: Would I hold onto the traumatic pain of my past or would I trust Him to heal my brokenness?  
Well, He completely changed my heart, vision and my desires in this whole area. Now, I wanted to experience what He wanted me to experience and to trust Him in giving me tremendous grace in it all. Now, our daughter is born and it’s more beautiful than I could ever imagine! I love to be a mama and she is a tremendous blessing. It is so beautiful to behold my husband being a good loving father and me being a caring, excited joyful mother! I can now say in truth that being married and being a parent is an awesome part of life!



I grew up in a religious Christian family with the unwritten law that if you wore a head covering , then this proves that you submit and honor the husband. During my wedding, there was a ceremony where they took off my veil and put instead the head covering on me. When they put the head covering on my head , they quoted the scriptures in 1.Cornthians 11. After I got married I felt a strong demonic heaviness and oppression that if I do not wear the head covering, I would grieve God extremely. Every day I would feel condemned  that I am cut off from God. Before I would go to bed I would put my blanket over my head to pray my religious prayer but still I felt as if I am cut off from God. I was not able to pray without a blanket over my head because I would feel condemned  if I did not put something over my head. They said you have to wear the headcovering every day even when you are sleeping. I felt empty, exhausted, tired and without strength to go on. I just felt death inside of me and every time I wore the head covering; I felt Shame and ugliness. Also, I felt that I was carrying reproach for Christ. Also I hated to look in the mirror. I remember when I was 16, I was baptized with a head covering. Around 15 years ago I met God in the church that Greg Violi Pastored. Step by Step through the sermons that were filled with truth, I got set free from so many wrong seeds, false teachings, lies and confusion. I really met God the father and the father himself changed my life step by step and I got filled with the Holy Spirit. Still, I felt I am stuck somehow. Something was holding me back from living in the Spirit Daily and from hearing the voice of God daily. It was as if there was a wall that prevented me from living in the invisible world. One day I had a dream and I was a bride with many other brides and suddenly I saw I was the only one that had a headcovering. This dream made me feel really restless so that I went to my spiritual father Greg Violi and told him about it. He prayed for me and he cut off any covenants that I had made because of the head covering. (Read Talitha Cumi) Also he commanded the religious spirits to leave me and he removed the invisible veil that was over me. The Lord delivered me and it felt as if a dark mass of rubber left me. Directly after the deliverance, I felt as if I was born again. I have a clear mind and this wall of fog disappeared between me and God. Now it is really easy to enter into the presence of God and have fellowship with him. Now, the invisible world is very real to me and I can live in the Spirit every day. I am filled with life, I have my glory and beauty back and my creativity has returned back into my life. Now I feel my Bridegroom wants to  hear my voice and see my face because they are lovely. (Song of Songs 2:14) .

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Becka H.

I came to the realization that I really needed to change, that something wasn't right in me, and so I started listening to "The Lamb's Heart"(Audio book - The Lamb's Heart") over and over with headphones as I would do things around the house. It did something really major in me, it brought about a huge change in my life that led to all these other changes, I am not the same person that I was back then. I had so much bitterness and anger towards my family and other people, I started realizing I had heard all these words, but wasn't experiencing their reality. I started to understand that I can live daily like when I would go to a conference! This caused me to deal with my heart towards my parents and people on a daily basis and I am so thankful for this. This is such a better way to live. My dad just passed away, and I can honestly say that I really, really loved him, and will miss him greatly. This is so different from all the unforgiveness and hatred I had towards him before. The memories I have made with my family and others since I started committing myself to a lifestyle of love; I would never trade for anything. I am forever grateful. Your sister in Christ



Hello my name is Johanna and I would like to share a short testimony about reading the book Talitha Cumi from Greg Violi.

The first time I read the book it was difficult for me to concentrate while reading and I had to fight to finish it. But every time I reread through the book again, I could feel so much of the Father‘s love for me as his beloved daughter. I felt so special, and I really could not believe that the Father is such a perfect loving and kind Father. I feel like his love is always surrounding me and I never want to lose this feeling of being loved. I think I read the book like 5 times and I will continue to read it over again! I know that normally no one tells the name before the birth of a baby but if my husband and I will have a daughter we want to name the baby - girl. Talitha.

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I am totally changed, God did many miracles in my life! Before I met the Violis, I was full of hatred, full of religion and sick a lot. I experienced a lot of sexual uncleanness from different men from an early age and therefore I had a lot of fear, hatred and bitterness. I didn’t like to be a girl, I constantly felt insecure and restless and I hated men and myself. Oftentimes, I would feel so much anger, that I had to cry to release it, because I knew letting it out in an outward way would cause a lot of  trouble. As a child I had a certain sickness that damaged my immune system. After that I was very often sick, and this is what the doctors predicted. 

But when I met the Violis, everything changed in my life. My body got healed and so I became one of the workers that rarely got sick. I listened to a lot of truth and it was constantly correcting my view of God as a Father. I experienced love through His word and the practical demonstration of love through their lives. This substance of love kept healing me more and more. My heart was constantly being healed, my body was being healed and my soul was being restored and I was losing all of those hidden fears that USED TO GOVERN MY LIFE. I started seeing myself and the people around me in a different way. Today, I like myself, I enjoy being a women, and I know that I am a beautiful mother and daughter. I am bodily and emotionally very healed, I like life, love is in my heart instead of hatred and I know that God is my Father and he loves and accepts me just the way that He made me. Many of the truths that radically changed me are written in Greg Violi’s books. First, The Lamb’s Heart (made me see my pride more and more and the lowly heart of God), Talitha Cumi (helped me to finally see how the Father REALLY feels and thinks about his daughters) and A Heavenly Victorious Life (helped me to see the real state of my heart), but I saw, in myself was no strength to overcome. This book helped me to see more and more that it is Jesus’s life in me that overcomes everything). I am a new person that is learning more and more my purpose in this world and enjoying it thoroughly.

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Hello, I am Dorothee and I come from a family that had a lot of control, religion and especially human goodness. My relationship to my father was characterized by me getting praise and approval for good achievements and we had everything materialistic that we needed, but I can't remember one time I was emotionally  affirmed by him. I had a feeling that he was not there in my life. 
My mom was strongly shaped by religion and I never heard any compliments or appreciation in my growing up years, but instead I was made to believe that if I received a compliment; this would make me proud. I didn't know as a child and teenager, what it means to have my own opinion, so I never used my will. What was important was  outward appearances and the image that I portrayed to others was very important. This caused me to strongly live in human goodness and getting acknowledged from others for all of the outward things that I did. But, on the inside and with people closest to me, I showed lots of rage, frustration, hardness and coldness of heart. There were times where I was very hopeless on the inside. In the training up of our children, I realized how much control and manipulation I was using with my daughters. I was restless, and I couldn't handle times of stillness and never had peace on the inside. Life only brought more work without any joy and my life goal was to look good to God and to people through my outward works. 
My husband (Markus) and I came for the first time to a marriage seminar by Greg Violi. We heard the word of God about hatred for weakness. My heart broke, because I could see for the first time what PRIDE really looks like in the eyes of God. Through the truth in the messages, I started to see more and more how filthy my own heart really is and that I'm only concerned about the outward appearance. For the first time, I started to experience who God is as a father and so I quickly learned that he is totally different than what I experienced and heard previously in churches.
I was very touched and convicted by the book " The Lamb's Heart". I read it multiple times and the revelation about the outer and the inner man gave me so much understanding. I experienced how the Holy Spirit leads me in my everyday life, and corrects me when I ignore the inner heart attitudes and motives. In Luke 16,15 it says: “Ye are they which justify yourselves before men; but God knoweth your hearts: for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God.”

Today I can say that we experienced and continue to experience endlessly the grace and love of God. Over the years our hearts were transformed through the messages from Papa Greg that we listened to and read. I notice now that I don't have to be the controlling, manipulating mother anymore. I can use my will and learn to respect the will of my children. I take delight in them making themselves pretty as girls and confirm them emotionally and verbally as a daughter. Where MY life was effort and tension out of SELF, I now experience peace and freedom in the Life of Christ. I am definitely a new person that is enjoying life more and more!


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