Greg Violi

Speaker | Author | Pastor

Greg Violi is an international speaker, author,  spiritual father  and Pastor and has been in full time ministry since 1985.

In his travels, Greg has been privileged to see thousands of lives and marriages healed and restored. Through teaching principles related to the heart of Father God, both individuals and couples are enlightened, changed and are able to enter into a new dimension of pure love. This love-walk becomes a normal way of life after time and especially within a marriage, both partners can enjoy the richness of a tender-hearted relationship. 

Greg has been married to his lovely wife, Marie, since 1980. Together they lead The Resting Place in Germany where they have been experiencing a gracious move of God in their midst.  Healing of schizophrenia,  anorexia, depression as well as restored relationships and families, are some of the exciting things that have taken place in the local Church. 

The Presence of the Father is often tangibly felt in the meetings.  Thousands have testified of entering into a new joy, peace and love after  receiving  a father and mother's blessing during prayer. Visitors have come from many nations and have left totally refreshed and changed. 

Greg speaks and writes from the ongoing revelation he has received from God for over 40 years, some of the main teachings  include: the reality of  God’s heart, pride, humility, the extreme importance of fathers’ blessing their children, how to have a fantastic marriage, honor, pure love, etc. His teaching comes with anointing and life and has been wrought  within  him through what he calls, “the dealings of  God”.  

Greg often hears the same comment at the end of his conferences, “We have never before heard these things”.