The Elijah Challenge is coming to The Tabernacle of David

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The Elijah Challenge is coming to The Tabernacle of David in Lage, Germany.  I highly recommend that you prayerfully consider coming to be a part of the Elijah Challenge that we are having from Jan.12-14. 2018. Brother and Sister Lau are coming to share with us and to have a training event called, The Elijah Challenge. I respect our brother and sister and I deeply appreciate their heart for the Lord and for the unreached nations and for training disciples to go and preach the Kingdom of God with authority and power to evangelize and transform nations. Below are some facts regarding The Elijah Challenge and their history.

The Elijah Challenge

At the very beginning of our ministry we spent nine years as missionaries in primitive unreached areas of Indonesia Borneo. When we went there, I had followed Jesus for only two years and had not quite finished reading the Bible. But my experience with Jesus Christ was so powerful that I gave up the “American Dream” as well as my advanced degrees (I was within about a year of getting my Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of California) to take my wife to Indonesia to preach the gospel to those who never heard. When we left the US, we had no financial support from any church, no mission board, no training in missions, no missionary visa, and no idea of what we were going to do after arriving in Indonesia. We went by radical faith in the Lord who commands us to “go.” But the Lord was faithful…
Since our founding in 2000, the Lord has been gracious to use The Elijah Challenge to train tens of thousands of believers on six continents to proclaim the kingdom of God effectively for the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Here are just a few of many testimonies and reports from the field:
In Africa alone, we have trained pastors, leaders, and believers in 13 countries.
We have received reports that churches trained by The Elijah Challenge are now the fastest-growing congregations in North India.
Between July 2007 and July 2010 in North India, 42 churches were planted and 11,346 people (predominantly Hindus) accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in mostly unreached villages through Elijah Challenge Healing & Feeding Events.
In the Philippines, Elijah Challenge-trained servants of God witness New Testament miracles consistently as they proclaim the kingdom of God.
In New York, over 850 people were healed in the streets, in stores and in homes in the two months following the training of a local ministry in 2009.
In Brazil, Elijah Challenge-trained disciples went from home-to-home and to the streets over a period of six days in July 2010. During that time 1,920 people were healed of infirmities and 1,440 people accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
In various nations of the world the Lord has raised up regional Elijah Challenge Coordinators to teach the Basic Training to local churches and disciples.
Videos of The Elijah Challenge Basic Training have been downloaded from the internet thousands of times without charge. All of our materials are downloaded for free.
In the early 2000s we held historic Campaigns like those in Vietnam and Egypt, but now our work is following Scripture closely and conservatively to train nameless disciples how to use authority to heal the sick as Jesus taught and commanded His disciples in Luke 10:9 when He sent them out. “Heal the sick who are there and tell them, ‘The kingdom of God is near you.’” The sick are healed to demonstrate to the lost and backslidden that Jesus is the only way to the Father and to bring them to repentance.

One more very important thing

William and Lucille Lau (Founder of Elijah Challenge) will also be with us on Thursday, Jan 11. They will share how God led them into this ministry and it is an amazing testimony that will prepare people for the Seminar. I highly highly recommend that you do NOT miss this night!

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