New Species

Jeff/ March 3, 2020/ B├╝cher, Neuigkeiten/ 2 comments

The newest addition to Der Ueberwinder publishing house!

A prelude booklet to the Talitha Cumins: Little Girl Arise! book.

This booklet is full of the revelation shared by Pastor Greg Violi on the New Creation, which is in his new upcoming book Talitha Cumi. In this booklet Pastor Greg expounds upon the revelation of The New Species as given by the Holy Spirit. Look for it soon in the Ueberwinder Verlag Shop!

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  1. Christengemeinde Hutte Davids Die christliche Gemeinde in Lage: Erlebe das ubernaturliche Wirken Gottes personlich im Lobpreis, Gebet und durch die Predigten von Pastor Greg Violi. Besuche unseren Livestream und sei dabei!

  2. Today, on Sunday, we have looked together at the way and the end of life of different people in the Bible. Pastor Greg Violi guided us with this message to step into the presence of God and to consider how we want to end our lives. Listen to the message directly here again and reach out to God anew so that your life ends valuable instead of wasted.

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