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In case you have been wondering if there are any new products available from the Publishing company.

The Answer is Yes!!



We have recently added two new audio books “Finding Father, Finding Wholeness” in English and German. The English version is read by Greg Violi.  This is a cd in MP3 format which you can play in almost any cd player. You will find this audio version of the book brings a new life to this life changing revelation. Whether you have difficulty finding time to read or just want to envelope yourself with the revelation of Father God through His Word; this is great product for anyone!




We have finally managed, praise God, to put a music Cd together! We have had a large amount of requests of people wanting a music cd from the Church services of Huette Davids. If you really desire to have your home, car, or any place you can play this cd filled with the atmosphere of heaven, then this music cd is for you. It is our pleasure to present our first music cd, it is a little raw, but it is radiating with the presence of God!




We have also have had the joy of translating a book from our beloved brother Suprise Sithole. Suprise is the bestselling author of “A Voice In The Night”, the biographical recollection of Suprise’s testimony. If you are familiar with Suprise you know that his life is filled with Godly joy and with a longing to be in the presence of God. Suprise shares his experience with learning obedience and humility on the path to entering into a Faith that can raise the dead!




To browse in our shop click on the following link – Der Ueberwinder Verlag.



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