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Dear Precious ones in Christ,

The last few months of travel and ministry have produced much fruit!  We have seen firsthand how Father God is meeting with his children and transforming them as past wounds are healed. Many people are experiencing life in a whole new capacity after their skewed perception of Father God is changed and renewed, giving way to a new depth of love and relationship with Father. We have been traveling with teams in Russia, U.S.A, Britain and Germany.

In all these places we are seeing Father God connecting His family, renewing people, and restoring lives! It is exciting to see and hear the testimonies of fruit from all the Holy Spirit is releasing as we minister, especially when we travel as a team.

We had a major Conference in Germany, with several nations represented! In this Conference, we had the privilege of ministering with Papa Jack and Frieda Taylor, Surprise and Tryphina Sithole. It was best described by many people as, “heaven”! This would be a very accurate description of what the Conference was like! We even heard at one point, angels singing in Polish!

In September we will be having a conference called “I am a Son”, it will cover what Father God wants to bring through His sons and what it means to be a son of God! He calls all of His children Sons, they are what creation is groaning to be revealed at this hour. The revelation that the Father has revealed through me in the book, “Finding Father, Finding Wholeness”, is being  released more intensely into the lives of His people. Thank you for your support in every way! We rejoice to share with all of our supporters that the Kingdom of God is coming forth at this hour in many nations and it is so exciting to behold the beauty and majesty of Father’s family and His Kingdom!


In Calvary’s Bond of love




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