Intercession, Travail, and Revival

Jeff/ October 30, 2019/ Events, Neuigkeiten/ 0 comments

Our next upcoming event in Lage, Germany with Michael Howard.
Michael Howard has personally been part of 6 revivals around the world. He has great love and compassion and has often been called an “apostle of love.” His real passion is REVIVAL supremely for the glory of the Lord. He is a powerful intercessor who knows how to travail until God’s purpose is birthed into reality.
He is a tough, no-nonsense, fearless man who has ministered in many war zones of Africa. Mr. Howard has been held prisoner in Mozambique, and was abducted by terrorists, making a daring escape, has faced guns, land mines and death on the various war fronts where he has travelled to take the glorious Gospel.
Let us all come together for the Father´s purpose to come forth and be fulfilled in this hour.
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