God’s Vision and Enlarging the Tent!!

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Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Well, it is almost the end of 2017 and as we reminisce over the past 11 months, we have so much to be thankful for. Leaders from all over Germany and the world have been deeply touched and their churches are seeing an increase of God’s presence, purity, and glory in their midst. People connected to these different churches are being changed and visitors are coming into the manifest presence of God in the services. There is a growing oneness and unity amongst the leadership of the groups connected to us, as well as a deepening of their relationship with us here in Lage, Germany! For this reason, the Father has directed us to have our first annual Kingdom Family Gathering – Dec. 30 2017 for leaders from around the world. Leaders from seven different countries will be in attendance and it will be a very special time for everyone. There will be introductions as we connect the family from different nations and get to know one another in the spirit as well as in the soul. We have a great expectation for the fruit this day will bring for the kingdom of God, especially in the different regions represented in the gathering.

Der Überwinder Verlag our publishing company has increased its selection of materials this year and will also be offering new materials in 2018 as well. This year we have had all new audio books, a brand-new book from Surprise Sithole, two books from Kevin Zadai, and a live music CD. In 2018 we will be printing new books in German from Authors such as: Jack and Frieda Taylor, Peter J. Daniels, Dr. Francis Myles, and a new book book collaboration from myself and Roy Burley. Year 2018 promises to produce many new life changing materials from Der Überwinder Verlag!

In November, we had an important meeting where individuals shared their visions. I also shared what we as a body see as our vision for the future; including where the Lord has brought us, where He is taking us, and how we plan to get there. Some of these new ministries and projects that the Lord is bringing forth at this hour in our midst are in planning or even in the beginning phases of development.

We are currently seeking the Lord for a large property for the Heavenly Ladder to hold conferences and seminars to teach leaders from all around the world. Some topics we plan to teach include:  how to minister healing to the whole man, how to carry the manifest presence of God, operating in true praise and worship, overcoming depression, and many more areas. Other projects we are working on include a café, a kindergarten, a home for the elderly, a Barnabas ministry team (a ministry Team that will travel, build up, and connect the body of Christ around the world), a prayer ministry team, and a youth team to pray and minister to the youth expecting God to send revival. There is definite interest in a prison ministry and home cell ministry teams. Traveling teams will travel to churches all throughout Germany and other nations.

This last year we traveled as a team to different nations and God released a fire of pure love and transformed individuals as well as entire churches and we expect it to greatly increase in the future. The Lord is giving many other visions and ministries to fulfill His purposes at this hour! Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated as we move forward into this new year. We are confident the Lord has placed a mandate upon us and if we do not fulfill it, He will find someone else who will. Please stand and pray with us that we will fulfill His will for our body at this time. Thank You!


In Calvary’s Bond of love,

Pastor Greg










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