20 Point DNA List

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Powerful DNA that is totally transforming!





These 20 points that comprise a DNA that will transform any person, any marriage, any Church and any community were taught in 6 sessions. You can watch the sessions to get a more complete understanding of what the DNA really represents.

Basically, these are 20 main aspects of what we have experienced as a Church, as families, and as couples. We as a Church family have not fully arrived yet, but it is a tremendous joy to be on this journey with our Lord. These 20 points are being worked into our very midst, but they are not just for our Church family; they are also for any person or group that will trust the Holy Spirit to impart them into their life. These principles have been tried and proven effective and their fruit is truly amazing! They have been taught by the Holy Spirit over a period of 40 years.

When I first asked Jesus if he could disciple me and his response was yes, from that starting point, He began to instruct me in ways that please Him. It is out from these discipleship teachings from the Lord Himself, that this DNA has come forth. Our prayer is that as you, the reader embraces these points, find the atmosphere of heaven in your midst as many of us have. God’s richest blessings be upon you as you study, read, and listen to these teachings!

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DNA corporate Transformation1

In the Father’s love,

Pastor Greg Violi







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