This article is going to introduce two main enemies that every man of God must face and overcome in order to fulfill his destiny as a priest and king unto God. (Rev. 1:6)
A priest must have compassion before God for the people he intercedes for (Heb.5:2) and a king must exercise his authority to rule over his kingdom. (Luke 10:19)
A spirit of passivity will prevent a person from being a king and inherited anger especially in the form of misogyny (hatred for women), will totally block and hinder man from being the priest over his family, society or world. So, in this article we will briefly look at two things that must be overcome:

1) Inherited anger
2) Spirit of passivity.

God said through his servant Jacob “O my soul, come not thou into their secret; unto their assembly, mine honor, be not thou united: for in their anger they slew a man, and in their self-will they digged down a wall. Cursed be their anger, for it was fierce; and their wrath, for it was cruel: I will divide them in Jacob and scatter them in Israel“. ( Gen 49:6 & 7)

All forms of self centered anger are cursed by God and are a form of cruelty. Many times a person will react to another out of his pride and bitterness and this will cause his heart to release the anger that is resident on the inside. If this anger is not repented of and confessed to God it will become more and more vicious until finally it turns the heart cold and hard.

The principle behind selfish anger is that we tend to give it to those people who we feel must receive it from us. In other words, many times our real anger is towards someone that has mistreated or abused us, but often because of our age or helplessness; we can not tell them how we feel So this deep anger gets buried inside and goes deeper and deeper inside of us until we are bigger and stronger and then we will vent our angry feelings towards people that we feel now have to “take it” from us, such as children, spouses, neighbors, etc.

Therefore, most of our selfish anger is rooted in a past experience where we were abused or mistreated by another and the judgment that we made on the other has formed inside of us a root of bitterness (Heb. 12:15, Prov. 21:24)

There is one form of anger that is very grievous to God and this is a form of hatred that is directed towards weakness and weaker vessels; it is called misogyny. Many times within the very context of one’s culture a man will receive the anger from his grandfather and father toward his grandmother and mother. If my grandfather was not kind towards grandmother and if my father was mean and irritated towards my mother; then there is a very good possibility that I have inherited misogyny or the hatred of women. A misogynist often will not even realize that they are projecting hatred towards their wife, because they have become so accustomed to this form of behavior. In 1 Peter 3:7 husbands are told to live with their wives according to knowledge and to give them honor, because they are the weaker vessel… The Lord always bestows greater honor on weaker vessels (1 Cor. 12:20,22-25)

The Lord has a special love towards people who are weaker, more needy, helpless and lonely. He has a deep desire to show the widow and orphan how much He loves them and cares for them in their time of need. (James 1:27 and many, many more scriptures)

Sometimes a husband doesn’t even know why, but he just feels irritated and angry at his wife; especially when she seems slow, fearful and helpless. This is usually misogyny that he has inherited from his fathers. A misogynist will not listen to what a woman has to say even if it is anointed. So a man that has inherited this hidden anger and hatred will actually despise his wife for being weak and as time goes on, he will treat her more and more harshly. Kindness is an extremely important aspect of God’s heart. Love is kind, but misogyny will not allow a man to really love his wife as Christ loves his church. Also, David said that God’s gentleness made him great. (Psalm 18:35), but men with this inherited anger can not show godly gentleness to his family; even though he sincerely desires to show them gentleness. A man who inherits this form of hatred will uncover his wife and children in the spirit. So, instead of being their covering, their shelter in times of trouble and storm they will be the storm and their dear wife and children will need to seek shelter. Isaiah 32:2 says a man shall be four things:

1) a hiding place from wind.
2) A covering from tempest.
3) Shadow of a great rock in weary land.
4) Rivers in a dry place.

These four things leave a wife and children with a deep sense of safety, love and value. From the book, “Christian men that hate women” Dr. Margaret Rinck lists ten characteristics of a Christian misogynist:

1. The man considers that he has the God given right to control her behavior. Her needs and thoughts are not considered.
2. He demands submission and he uses the Bible to support his right to tell her

what to do:

1. She finds she no longer associates with certain people.
2. He feels that her individuality as a person is not important.
3. He can be very charming at church but at home the children and wife have to walk on eggs.
4. When she doesn’t please him he yells, threatens or sulks in silence.
5. She is confused because his behavior can be so different in the context of a few hours.
6. No matter how much she tries to improve, change or grow, she still feels confused, inadequate and guilty.
7. He acts possessive and jealous even of her time with the children.
8. When anything goes wrong she always gets the blame.

Well, in summary I will list seven steps to overcome and destroy this wicked anger.

1. Deal with this hidden evil sin and no longer excuse it. (John 1:9)
2. Face the pain that the hidden pride has caused the one the Lord has given you to honor, esteem, (1 Peter 3:7). To honor means to show value; to place great value on her and to give respect as the weaker vessel.
3. Ask the Lord to reveal the deep hidden anger in your heart and allow the pain of rejection, abandonment and abuse to surface.
4. Start to forgive and release everyone in your life that has made you feel ashamed and fearful.
5. Confess every sin that the Lord has revealed to you and receive His total forgiveness 1 John 1:9)
6. Choose to no longer be conformed to this world in the way it treats women. (rudeness, jokes, a sex object, a person without feeling etc.)
7. Ask and receive the Lord Jesus to love your wife and to see her and yourself through Jesus’ eyes.


Passivity is the refusal to make choices. When a husband has a spirit of passivity (fear) often his wife will respond in anger. When a husband has misogyny (hate), often his wife will respond in fear. In this way, the enemy can keep both anger and fear very active and operative within a family. Usually passivity will take root after time. It will usually begin by a person not making choices for themselves. Some of the main doorways to a spirit of passivity are:

1. Shyness and timidity as child. Webster’s dictionary defines shyness as “being uncomfortable in the presence of, and avoiding contact with others; extremely self-conscious.
2. Being told what to do all the time by a parent.
3. Repeated refusals to choose
4. A blank mind.
5. People speaking word curses on you.

Often a child with passivity has been made to feel shame and fearful. At this point this child has one of two choices: 1) come to the truth about his fear and shame or 2) go into control, where he can now hide his true feelings and start to manipulate his circumstances and life so that others will not perceive his true deep inner feelings of shame and fear. If he goes into control, then he has entered into a vicious cycle that will maintain the power of a spirit of passivity within his life.

Probably, the best scriptural example of a godly man that was bound by a spirit of passivity is Lot. Characteristics of a passive man’s life.

1. A passive man will be tormented by the evil around him. Instead of manifesting the light of Christ into the darkness, he allows his righteous soul to be tormented. (2 Peter 2:8; Eph. 5:11; John 5:35)
2. A passive man will give his loved ones over to forces of evil that is all around him. (Gen. 19:8, television, rock music, etc.)
3. A passive man will be moved by what his eyes see and what his ears hear. (2 Peter 2:8; Gen. 13: 10,11)
4. A passive man will not be taken seriously by those close to him, even in times of crisis: they will not heed his voice. (Gen. 19:4)
5. A passive man will not be able to surrender everything into God’s hands even in the midst of impending, immediate doom. ( Gen 19:16)
6. A passive man will not make choices and therefore others will have to take the role of a leader in his place. (Josh. 24:14,15; Judges 4:7-9)
7. A passive man will live in shame and fear.

The spirit of David will cover their shame instead of responding in anger; he will restore the passive man in a spirit of meekness (Gal. 6:1-3; 2 Sam 10:4)
I will now list seven ways to overcome this destroyer of Christian men.

1) We must hate this destroyer and stop allowing our pride to make excuses for its existence. This involves coming to truth with a lowly heart that will finally take the blame for all the damage I have caused in the lives of others and in my own life.
2) We must repent to the Lord. This spirit has hindered us from doing so much good to others. I must be sorry for my sin and declare my iniquity as David did in Psalm 38:18; 2 Chronicles 7:14.
3) Totally release and forgive all those who enabled me to be passive and brought in to my childhood fear and shame.
4) Break agreement and renounce all passivity that has come down to me through my generational line.
5) Take the authority in Christ over this spirit and declare the freedom and the power of Christ to keep the captives free. (Rom. 8:32)
6) Pray and ask the Lord to strengthen you with might by His Spirit in the inward man (Eh. 3:16,17) He will impart power into your innermost being by His Spirit.
7) We must appropriate on a daily basis the power of the risen Christ to exercise our volition to please Him. (Eph. 3:16, 17; 1:19)

Finally, it must be understood that women are also candidates for inheriting anger; especially if the father didn’t have any son to pass his anger down to. Women can also have a spirit of passivity and it will immobilize them in the areas of exercising their will in a godly way (child discipline and spending money, etc.) But this passivity in a women is far less serious then passivity in a man.

One final thought: The greater my sphere of influence, the greater the blessing or damage that I will impart to others. If, I am alone I will only affect one or two people. If, I am a father, I will affect more than a few people. If, I am a leader or pastor I will affect many more people. Leaders are called to lead but may God grant us the ability to lead in Christ-like humility all the precious souls that He has put under our care.

So, in summary, there are two very serious enemies that every man must overcome to become the priest and king in their world and if they are not hated and overcome; then they will be excused and tolerated and they will prevent a man from fulfilling his destiny as a man of God and they may even cause much damage to the ones he loves. This article is just a synopsis of a much longer teaching, but I believe it does have the blessing of Almighty God to the furtherance of His kingdom and glory!

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